Junker Queen Will Get A "Really Spicy Change" In Upcoming Overwatch 2 Patch

It looks like Junker Queen is set to receive some big changes in an upcoming Overwatch 2 patch, as the lead hero designer promises some "spicy" buffs to her moveset. This was shared during an interview on Twitch, which also revealed that the changes will be with us "in a few weeks."

This would be the first major change to Junker Queen since she joined the roster in Overwatch 2, potentially making her a more viable Tank over favourites such as Reinhardt and Winston. In any case, it sounds like the buffs will make her a more formidable opponent, with Blizzard seemingly not happy with how the character players right now.

This reveal came after Twitch streamer Emongg asked Overwatch 2's lead character designer Alec Dawson if he felt Junker Queen was in a good spot, or if she needed more changes.

"Mid-season, that's all I'll say for now," responds Dawson. "There are a few more things we want to do there. It's actually a really spicey change. A few more weeks and then she'll get a few more buffs."

That's all we have to go on right now, but it's clear that it will be a pretty big change, whatever it is. It will also be a welcome one to many players, as despite the fact that Junker Queen was designed with Overwatch 2 in mind, she seems to be struggling to find a place in 5v5 compositions. Pro teams seem to always opt for Winston as their single Tank, and even casual players are more often picking the likes of Reinhardt, Sigma, or Orisa.

However, while this soft rework makes a lot of sense, that can't be said for all of the changes made to Overwatch 2 recently. As we covered yesterday, Doomfist is terrible again, after the latest mid-season patch made him even worse than he was in season one. This came after his much-needed buff saw a huge increase in Doom being played – something Blizzard seemingly wasn't aiming for.

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