Judgment Sequel, Called Lost Judgment, Leaked By PlayStation

The PlayStation Store leaked (and then quickly deleted) the sequel to Judgment on Thursday – however, not quickly enough. It appears that the title, Lost Judgment, will be the next to drop from Yakuza makers Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

The studio released Yakuza: Like a Dragon in 2020 but they already have a new game ready to go, if the leak is to be taken seriously. Of course, in this particular case, it is; it came from the official PlayStation Store after all.

You could take a look right below:

The publisher appears to be poised to launching both a Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition but that’s all that could really be said at this point. Fortunately, there’s not going to be that long of a wait as Sega has been promoting a “Judgment Day” event set to take place on May 7 (tomorrow). While there’s not much from Sega on just what to expect, Lost Judgment may very well be the subject of the day.

Judgment, which released in 2018, tells the story of main character of Takayuki Yagami, a disgraced lawyer turned private eye, as he investigates a string of homicides. Yagami and his partner, a former Yakuza member named Masaharu Kaito, are to face the challenges of Kamurocho’s criminal underground in search of the truth.

Part of the game’s official description reads:

“Take down adversary in high-octane encounters with stylish martial arts forms, crack the case, and lend your expertise to locals in need around the city. Judgment ups the ante with emphasis on investigative gameplay, tracking suspects and discovering clues as Yagami walks the thin line of justice in a world of corruption. Packed with a dramatic story, filmic combat and a cast of intense characters, Judgment will keep all aspiring private detectives on their toes.”

Judgment is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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