John Wick Hex Sneaks Over To Xbox One And Switch This December

Developer Bithell Games has announced that its 2019 tactical strategy title John Wick Hex will be heading to Switch and Xbox One on December 4, 2020. After a successful launch on the Epic Games Store last year, the title eventually migrated over to the PS4 in May of this year. Now, John Wick is ready to murder up a storm on the last two remaining platforms, completing his domination of the gaming sphere.

If you’re wondering about a port to Steam (it’s been exactly one year since the game hit Epic), that will also be available on December 4. There won’t be any additional content to entice a double-dip, but it’s nice that PC players with a preferring distribution platform aren’t getting left behind.

Personally, I found John Wick Hex to be one of the better games of 2019. It wasn’t an incredibly lengthy experience and it had some issues with polish, but it successfully captured the atmosphere of its film counterparts in video game form. The tired “it makes you feel like” explanation could be applied here, but I’ll simply say that the action feels just as streamlined and smooth as the choreography from the films.

With the game soon available on all platforms, anyone with a passing interest in John Wick should check it out. It fits nicely into the established lore of the films and works as a nice prequel to the events of the original. Maybe a sequel could even tie directly into the films, but we’ll just need to be patient on that front.

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