Japan's Shuriken Version of Darts Has Launched

Dartslive, makers of electronic dartboard games, has just unveiled a new way to play its games — this time with Shuriken. A nod towards the company’s Japanese roots, the new arcade-style target game swaps out the traditional darts/dartboard with a square archery-style target.

Developed in partnership with its largest shareholder, SEGA, Ninja Trainer will also have more of a gaming element to its much like Dartslive, with skill-based games and multiplayer challenges. And just like how Dartlive is a popular staple amongst the nightlife crowd, Ninja Trainer might make it outside of arcades and into your favorite darts bar. Those worried about the mixture of alcohol and shurikens will sleep well knowing that the shurikens are made from a flexible plastic/rubber material, hard enough to stick to the board but not lethal.

The best part about this new arcade games is that it has been co-signed by Japan‘s Ninja Council, commenting “The shuriken has the proper feel as they hit the target, and are made with safety considerations in mind, so they are perhaps the optimal equipment for those starting down the path of the shinobi.” Look for Ninja Trainer to roll out in Japan this month.

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