Japanese Tech CEO Gives Staff Day Off To Play Monster Hunter Rise

It looks like we have an early contender for CEO of the year. In a statement to his company on Twitter today, CEO Masaki Hiyama (who runs VR company Mark-on) announced that he would be giving his staff the day off for Monster Hunter Rise’s launch this Friday. Since a lot of Japanese workers take the day off for other Monster Hunter releases, he figured he would celebrate it rather than demand employees come to work.

“March 26 will be the release date of Monster Hunter Rise,” reads the letter on Twitter, “and since it is expected that we will not be able to concentrate on our work, I will be making that day a ‘MonHun vacation.'” In an explanation to the Huffington Post, Hiyama noted that many employees came asking for the 26th off, so he figured it was the right move to make. “We received words of thanks and appreciation from employees for giving them this day off,” Hiyama said.

This might seem crazy to many Americans, but Monster Hunter is a pretty big deal in Japan. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it gets a national holiday or anything, but the series has a very hardcore fanbase that latches onto each new installment. For a CEO to recognize that and acknowledge it with a long weekend is spectacular. His employees are also very receptive, which will likely mean they come back to work the next week ready to kick some ass.

Now if only we could convince US-based CEOs to stop being greedy and give their employees some actual benefits…

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