It Turns Out Rita From New Pokemon Snap Is Based On A Beloved Dragon-Type

New Pokemon Snap just launched for the Nintendo Switch last Friday, and fans are already digging deep to connect the dots amongst fan theories. This latest catch comes from a fan who noticed the new Pokemon photography adventure’s adorable sidekick, Rita, looks strangely like Goodra.

Goodra is a weirdly-cute (but also kinda gross) Dragon-type from Pokemon’s sixth generation. Even in the animated series, forever-young protagonist Ash has caught himself one of these strange pseudo-legendary Pokemon, which sports curly little appendages coming from its head that look quite like Rita’s hairstyle. There color schemes are also strikingly similar, as both Goodra and Rita sport varying shades of purple.

The discovery comes from Redditor woofbarkarf just on the heels of Pokemon Snap’s launch, and it sounds like the community largely agrees – Rita is just a Goodra who has taken the form of a person. Well, not really, but we have to admit, the similarities are hard to deny. The side angle from the original posts illustrates this better, revealing that even Rita’s green accessories maintain a similar placement on her head in relation to Goodra’s designs of the same color.

Plenty of other folks noted that this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen people in the Pokemon universe take up a style that honors one of their favorite ‘mons – one notable design goes back a decade ago. Ash challenges Tobias in League Unleashed!, and the latter ultimately wins against all three of Ash’s Pokemon. Tobias uses Darkrai to chew his way through opponents, and his design looks like it’s based on his most powerful party member.

Pokemon is full of strange easter eggs that give way to fan theories, but we don’t think Rita and Goodra is that big of a stretch. The original Pokemon Snap was even full of plenty of its own easter eggs, leaving us to wonder what else we’ll discover about the 2021 release.

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