Indie Studio Leaks First Look At PSVR2

Other than a first look at some of the games coming to the new system when or shortly after it launches, PlayStation has been relatively quiet when it comes to PSVR2 news lately. That's why the very first photo of its next-gen VR headset and controllers out in the wild appearing out of nowhere took a lot of people by surprise, including those at PlayStation.

That's because it was neither Sony nor PlayStation that offered up that first look. It was actually indie studio BitPlanetGames. In a post that has since been deleted and replaced, for very obvious reasons, the studio posted a photo of the PSVR2 headset and controllers resting on a chair, accompanied by the caption, “Guess what's coming to PSVR2?”

The hours since that happened have been fascinating to watch unfold. As highlighted by Push Square, the studio started this saga by doubling down, claiming it had done nothing wrong. Upon realizing it may well have broken an NDA, likely after noticing no other studios had shared images of the PSVR2, it replaced the tweet with one that includes a stock image of the headset instead. An official one shown off earlier this year by PlayStation.

BitPlanetGames has been trying to have fun with the whole situation since then. The best way to pass the time while you await that sternly worded letter from Sony. Some of the replies to the inordinate amount of tweets the studio has been receiving this morning include one labeling the screenshot that still exists an elaborate fake, and another claiming the PSVR2 it posted a photo of was made of cardboard, duct tape, and some 3D-printed elements.

While the indie studio will likely be in Sony's bad books moving forward, the photo doesn't actually offer up much in the way of new information. PlayStation has already shown it off. The only new info this leaked photo offers up is a sense of the PSVR2's size. Those controllers look pretty bulky, but will likely be very lightweight. Other information we already know about the headset is that it will launch with at least 20 games, and it's expected to be here sometime in 2023.

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