Incredible Chrono Trigger Fan Art Is A Glimpse Of The Remake That We’ll Never Play

A piece of Chrono Trigger fan art by Raf Grassetti offers an incredible look at what a 3D remake of the game would look like.

Chrono Trigger is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time, but Square Enix hasn’t done much with the game in recent years. There was a terrible Steam port of Chrono Trigger that barely worked, but Square Enix hasn’t shown any interest in bringing the game to other systems.

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Sony Santa Monica Art Director Raf Grassetti is known for posting video game fan art to his Instagram page, including characters from Nintendo franchises. His most recent piece is an incredible picture of Crono from Chrono Trigger, showing what the character would look like if revived in a modern game. The final picture in the chain is a pixelated drawing of Frog, which will be revealed soon. The post can be seen on Rat Grasseti’s Instagram page here.

The character designs in Chrono Trigger were created by Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball fame. Toriyama is known for reusing similar designs throughout his work, which is why the villain of Dragon Quest 3 looks like Piccolo with a beard. Crono was no exception, as he looked just like Goku with ginger hair/a sword. The fan art of Crono resembles what he would look like if he appeared in a Dissidia game, or in a Final Fantasy XIV crossover event.

Square Enix has been going hard on the remasters and remakes of late, with Saga Frontier Remastered just announced today. There has been an effort to revive the classic Square Enix JRPGs on modern systems, including the PlayStation Final Fantasy games. It’s only a matter of time before Chrono Trigger receives a remaster that cleans up the visuals, but there is a chance that it could receive the Trials of Mana treatment, and it’s fully remade in 3D. If that day comes, then we hope Square Enix doesn’t half-ass the project, and Chrono Trigger is given the treatment that it deserves.

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Source: Raf Grassetti/Instagram

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