Immortals Fenyx Rising: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

Immortals Fenyx Rising has a smaller map size than you might expect from an RPG, especially one which keeps being compared to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, the Golden Isles area in the game is super dense with quests, challenges, secrets, and more, so there’s plenty to do!

Even after you complete the game and defeat Typhon, you’ve got plenty of options left and no doubt a number of unfinished tasks that you’ll want to sort out. As the game is so rich in secrets and entertaining storytelling from Zeus and Prometheus, there’s definitely some replay value to be had. Check out these ten things you could do after beating the game.

New Game Plus

Everyone loves a good new game plus mode and Fenyx Rising offers a great chance to start your adventure all over again while still retaining nearly everything you’ve earned. Most of your unlocked stuff will carry over, such as weapons, armor, wings, items, godly powers, health and stamina upgrades, electrum, and skins.

Essentially, what doesn’t carry over is your progress in the world; the map becomes all fogged again, challenges and vaults will need to be re-done, and Hermes’ task board will start again.

Nightmare Mode

Once you have completed the game, you will unlock a new difficulty — nightmare mode. If you want to punish yourself while playing or you need a new challenge, nightmare mode increases the difficulty of enemies and also doesn’t feature health regeneration outside of combat.

Of course, if you’re starting on a new game plus save, you’ll still have all your abilities and gear, so it’s the perfect opportunity to try and challenge yourself. You might wanna stock up on those potions though.

Hidden Quests

Hidden quests are one of the best parts about Fenyx Rising as they actively encourage players to explore the world. These special quests can’t be found via Far Sight and won’t show on your map until you activate them.

They’re found at random by exploring points of interest, and once active there will be markers on your map to help you complete them. As of yet, there doesn’t seem to be a comprehensive guide on all hidden quests in the game as they’re so well hidden. Trying to find them all definitely sounds like a job to do once you’ve beaten Typhon.

Defeat all Four Mythical Monster Bosses

There are four Mythical Monster bosses and defeating all of them will earn you the “Who’s the Boss?” trophy/achievement. These bosses are entirely optional and generally hidden out of the way of where you would normally travel for the storyline, so you’ll need to hunt them down.

You can either try these guys on your newly unlocked nightmare mode, or the game creates a save file at the point of no return before your battle with Typhon, so you can just reload your pre-endgame save and do some clean up that way if you wish.

Time for a Photoshoot

Like most games these days, Fenyx Rising offers a photo mode so that players can capture their fondest memories and share their amazing deeds with their friends. You just have to press in both analog sticks to start taking photos.

Once you’ve saved the world, it’s the perfect time to re-visit the world and get some awe-inspiring photos to share. Gaming communities love to share and see photos taken in their favorite games, so it’s time to get creative with the camera.

Take Part in Timed Challenges and Events

At present, the only timed challenges you can take part in are via Hermes’ task board and they are the quests that you will find on the right-hand side. Completing these challenges will earn you some elektrum that you can then spend to get some rather awesome looking gear, weapons, and a cool mount. Hermes’ stock is on rotation, so be sure to check back in a few days to see what else he has!

However, we’ll hopefully have more to tackle soon as Ubisoft has promised players of Fenyx Rising that there will be free updates that include in-game events. While there aren’t any details as to what this will entail, we can hope for something awesome.

Tame all Mounts

There are 25 mounts in total that can be found and tamed throughout the Golden Isle, though there are two additional ones that you can obtain; one was a preorder bonus, and the other can be bought from Hermes once you’ve earned enough elektrum from tasks.

However, to earn the “Fenyx the Horseman” achievement/trophy, you only need to get the 25 that can be tamed in the wild, of which, there are nine epic mounts to find. Some of these are in remote places, so tracking them down can be an adventure in itself.

Achievement/Trophy Hunting

For all the completionists out there, getting each and every accolade is normally a”must do”. This means finding all mounts and wings, upgrading all your skills and Godly Powers, upgrading all weapons and armor, doing all of the gods’ side quests, completing Hermes’ task board, as well as plenty more.

Mopping up all the achievements/trophies you missed in your first playthrough is bound to pump up the hours you put into the game as there are so many side quests and accolade-earning challenges to the game.

Speed Run

Make Hermes proud by challenging yourself to a speed run of the main campaign and see if you can set a record. This will be even easier with new game plus as you’ll still have all the upgrades you unlocked that will help you swim and fly faster, making travel a breeze.

However, for a real challenge, why not try a speed run attempt on a higher difficulty? Or start a new save and try a speed run without the advantage of new game plus carrying over all your gear and abilities.

Wait for the Season Pass Content

If you enjoyed Immortals Fenyx Rising, you might want to hear a little more about the season pass content as there is definitely some great gameplay coming our way. There will be three DLC drops in total, but the one that stands out the most is the ‘Myths of the Eastern Realm’ expansion, which unlocks a new hero and area based on Chinese mythology.

The other DLC packs promise new challenges, brawler-style fighting, new heroes, and what appears to be more gods to meet. The season pass was included in more than one edition of Immortals Fenyx Rising, so you might actually already own it. Additionally, while we have to wait for the DLC drops, purchasing the pass will unlock a new quest in-game that you can play right now.

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