Hyenas Is A New Multiplayer Shooter From Sega And Creative Assembly

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced a new multiplayer shooter called Hyenas, a fast-paced team FPS where your goal is to steal more "pop-culture artifacts" than the other teams. The game has you and two other people go up against four others teams of three as well as some environmental obstacles as well. The game will launch for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Hyenas was shown off during an event for IGN's Summer of Gaming via a new trailer which showed off plenty of gameplay and nifty features, including a weapon that seems very familiar to the Gloo Cannon from Prey (2017) and maps that will incorporate zero-g segments. Neither Sega or Creative Assembly have announced a release date for the game, but if all of this sounds up your alley, you can sign up to try out the Hyena alpha build here.

While this is the first we're actually hearing of Hyenas, Sega has pretty high hopes for the title as it appears to be the "Super FPS Game" that it's been referring to internally for quite a while. The publisher revealed last year that it planned to start development of an FPS title with a European studio which was reported at the time to be Creative Assembly, aiming to make over $900 million in lifetime sales. It seems there's a lot riding on Hyenas to be successful, but whether it will be is another matter entirely.

This is a developing story.

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