How To Turn The Weedle Line From Pokemon Into D&D Monsters

The Pokemon franchise is designed around single-player experiences and PVP multiplayer battles. It’s not built for the group party dynamics of a game like Dungeons & Dragons, but the monsters from Pokemon can still be used as enemies for parties to face. To this end, we have statted out the Weedle line for use in D&D adventures.

The Bug-type Pokemon in the first generation of Pokemon games could have been the thing that countered the overwhelming dominance of Psychic-types. There was only one problem: they sucked. Nowhere was this more evident than with the Beedrill line, which couldn’t take a hit to save their lives. The Beedrill line finally gained a potent Mega Evolution in Pokemon X & Y, turning them into one of the fastest and strongest Pokemon of its era.

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Weedle’s Stats

These tiny monsters resemble several orangish-brown balls connected together, with tiny pink feet running beneath its body. Weedle have a long and thin stinger jutting from their heads, which is sharp enough to pierce through leather boots. This stinger excretes a powerful poison that paralyzes foes. Despite this, Weedle are herbivores, and they only feed on leaves. Weedle survive and flourish in large numbers, thanks to their ability to easily paralyze enemies. Many monsters have tried to nab a Weedle, hoping for an easy snack, only to find themselves helpless on the floor of the forest, and soon to become someone else’s meal.

Kakuna’s Stats

A Weedle will eventually develop a cocoon and transform into a Kakuna. These hang from the bark of tall trees, while their more agile brethren stalk the foliage below. If forced into combat, a Kakuna will harden its shell, before preparing to strike with its stinger. The creature might have changed a great deal, but its poison is no less potent.

Beedrill’s Stats

The Kakuna’s cocoon will eventually break, revealing the horrific monster within. Beedrill is a massive bee-like monster, with two slender arms that end in piercers that resemble drills. These weapons can pierce through chainmail and inject the paralysis poison straight into the bloodstream of their foes. Beedrill can fly through the air at break-neck speeds, while its unnaturally keen senses make it difficult to free from. A single Beedrill is a potent foe, but it’s possible to take it down. If you encounter a swarm of Beedrill: run!

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