How To Turn The Sandshrew Line From Pokemon Into D&D Monsters

The Pokemon franchise is designed around single-player experiences and PVP multiplayer battles. It’s not built for the group party dynamics of a game like Dungeons & Dragons, but the monsters from Pokemon can still be used as enemies for parties to face. To this end, we have statted out the Sandshrew line for use in D&D adventures.

Sandshrew was one of the original version exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Red & Blue, where it could only be caught in Blue. It wasn’t much of a threat on the battlefield, but its evolved form, Sandlash, filled a unique niche on the battlefield. Sandslash wasn’t as strong as other Ground-types in the game, but it was fast. It needed its offensive strength boosted by Swords Dance, but it could outpace numerous threats. As time went on, the Sandshrew line lost relevance in competitive battles, but it did receive support in the form of new Alolan forms in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

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Sandshrew’s Stats

The elemental planes have often crossed over with the prime material plane, in the form of magical gateways, summoned monsters, and half-elemental mortals. The elemental planes are teeming with magic, and this has led to regular creatures being altered through exposure, as if afflicted by arcane radiation. This is what led to the creation of the first Sandshrew, as some burrowing animals were affected by magic from the elemental plane of Earth, giving their body a rocklike exterior.

It’s unclear what animal was transformed into the first Sandshrew, with some researchers believing that it was a mouse or an armadillo. Whatever the case, the innocent animal had now gained the ability to defeat its former predators, thanks to its newfound connection to the land. Sandshrew have the ability to conjure a magical sandstorm around their body, keeping their foes at bay and allowing them to escape. Those predators who are lucky enough to grab a Sandshrew in their jaws will soon regret it, as its rocky skin is likely to shatter their teeth. Despite their newfound bulk, the Sandshrew demonstrate incredible agility, and they can spin their body in order to shrug off foes.

Sandslash’s Stats

Sandshrew were created from small rodents that were exposed to elemental magic. Sandslash are the product of larger animals being afflicted by the same energy, transforming them into beasts with rocky spikes along their backs, and long claws on their paws. Sandslash possess the same ability to conjure sandstorms as their smaller brethren, but they are more formidable on the battlefield. Their large paws allow them to swim through the ground as if it were water, allowing them to zip around the battlefield and evade the attacks of their enemies. Despite their fearsome combat abilities, Sandslash don’t seek battle and they’re content to reside in the dark caves beneath the earth, in peace.

There are rumors that similar creatures have emerged in snow-filled lands, with their bodies altered into amalgamations of ice and metal, but their existence has yet to be confirmed.

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