How To Beat Leofrith In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla features boss fights that are very different in execution. This ranges from fighting Norse Gods to matching up against normal humans. However, there are times when even these normal opponents can be more than a match. Leofrith certainly qualifies here, being an extremely challenging fight that necessitates the need for a guide to learn how to beat him. So, check out these essential tips for coming out on top of this fight.

The Prelude To The Fight

To reach this battle, you need to begin the mission “Heavy Is The Head,” which takes place in Ledecestrescire. Only proceed if your power level is above 20, as Leofrith might come across as unbeatable otherwise. Ideally, you should try to have a power level above the suggested number to have a distinct advantage.

When you arrive at the marker, you can engage in a fight with the enemies around, but it’s better to simply head forward since this area is immaterial and you need to head toward Ceolbert. Once you approach Ceolbert and Leofrith, a cutscene begins before the boss fight.

Learning Leofrith’s Strategy

Leofrith uses his speed for the majority of this fight, which is insanely fast and effective due to the range of his long weapons. To accomplish this, he first takes a few steps prowling around Eivor before dashing toward you all of a sudden to take a swipe.

A crucial point to note is the blue symbol that appears over his head. When this happens, do not attack him in any way, as Leofrith instantly springs forward for a fast attack that is usually too fast to avoid. The blue symbol move is nothing but a way to bait the player into an attack that is guaranteed to be avoided by Leofrith.

How To Beat Leofrith – Phase One

This entire phase is a test of patience for you, as Leofrith employs his baiting strategies here. Fortunately, the way to predict an attack is the yellow flash before he makes his move. Your strategy needs to involve dodging him as he comes close and hitting Leofrith with heavy hits.

Be warned, though, there’s an attack that spawns a red flash from Leofrith — this cannot be blocked. So, your only choice is to avoid this move and step away from Leofrith, as this move causes massive damage if Eivor gets hit. To complete this phase, simply look out for the yellow flashes, dodge them and attack, then move away when he uses the blue and red flash attacks.

How To Beat Leofrith – Phase Two

This is where the challenge truly begins, as Leofrith becomes insanely aggressive and doesn’t lose stamina anymore. Now, you need to parry his attacks as that’s the only way to get close enough to strike him. Dodging his attacks won’t work much since he then dodges Eivor’s attack the next second.

Ranged abilities are your best ally in this phase, so use the arrows when he’s on the blue symbol stance and aim for his weak points which will be glowing – aiming for the head works too.

A very handy trick to beating Leofrith is by circling around and getting him to position himself directly underneath the hanging crates. When he’s in position, shoot arrows at his weak points to stun him and then immediately shoot the rope supporting the crate above to make it fall on him. If this is executed right, beating Leofrith is a cinch.

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