Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Trailer Shows Rolly Boys And Sand Snakes

Horizon Forbidden West is slithering up to its launch in February 2022 and the latest trailer gives us a further glimpse at the new robots, locations, and story – yep, there's a big desert full of snakes like the one we saw in those screenshots yesterday. But more than that, there are rolling dinosaurs and underwater levels… because everyone loves underwater levels.

We also get to see Aloy riding a velociraptor, a new mount. Zero Dawn let you ride on the backs of striders, broadheads, and chargers, but Forbidden West is bringing more to the table. There are even other people riding mounts, so maybe we can get into a jousting match or two.

The trailer doesn't show much new, but it does give a further glimpse at a lot of things we've seen already – say those rolly boys and sand snakes. 2021 really is the year of deserts and worms, aye? But what's interesting is that we see that the robots are solar-powered. When collecting energy, they're even more vulnerable to attacks. The caveat is that they're also more alert. You can see them and more in the trailer below.

As the camera pans up and shows the luscious forests of Forbidden West, a new tagline crawls onto the screen – rise above our ruin. Things are heating up, the world is said to be teetering on the edge of destruction so bad it compares to what kickstarted the apocalypse, and Aloy is in the thick of it. We jump in and get right into saving it all.

It's all a bit doom and gloom, if an exciting and thrilling journey to jump into, but there are some cute robots to sweeten the deal. Well, sort of cute robots. There are little scavengers that look like rodents, digging through scraps to find parts. Can we pet 'em? Are they hostile? I sure hope not, but they don't look too hard to take out if they are.

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