Hood: Outlaws & Legends Receives New ‘We Are Legends’ Trailer

Although players who have pre-ordered the game will already have full access, Sumo Digitial has released a new trailer to mark the launch of the Robin Hood-inspired Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

The new ‘We are Legends’ trailer brings all of the game’s classes together to show off how they all work together in battle. The bloody action is accompanied by Heart of a Lion (The Illusory Alchemist Remix) by Dubkiller and Mark Victor, and gives players a good idea of how the game works.

Hood’s tone has been established from the get-go, and designed with a darker, more realistic depiction of Robin Hood’s endeavors in mind. The game’s grounded depiction of both Robin of Locksley and Robin the Earl of Huntingdon also narrates the truth behind Hood’s thievery. Game director Andrew Willans touched on how Hood traditionally stole from The State to hurt the rich, which is different from the sugarcoated version where he stole from the rich to help the poor.

The grim aesthetic of Hood, as well as all four classes in the co-op, have been on show since the game was initially revealed. Shown off through one trailer each, the Brawler, Hunter, Mystic, and Ranger overviews highlighted how each class could contribute to winning the heist. The recent Brawler trailer showcased the strength this class poses, with the addition of a powerful berserk mode. The Ranger, on the other hand, was more in line with the iconic archer who inspired the game, Robin Hood, clad in a Ringwraith-styled hood. All four of these classes come together in the trailer to show how the game will play with a full team.

If a grittier version of Robin Hood is appealing to you, then Sumo Digital’s host of post-launch content should keep you playing past the current content in the game. The seasons Litha, Samhain, Yule, and Ostara will all be free expansions arriving within the game’s first year, and updates are expected to arrive every three to four months with additional maps, characters, and game modes.

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