Hitman 3’s Season Of Pride Gets A New Trailer, Roadmap

Hitman 3’s new season of free DLC updates is kicking off today with the “Season of Pride” event. To get players up to speed on where Agent 47 will be going next, developer IO Interactive has released a new trailer alongside a roadmap that details new elusive targets and some returning Featured Contracts.

Once the season actually begins, players can gain access to The Proud Swashbuckler, The Majestic, and The Narcissus Suit (three different cosmetic options) by playing the “Pride Profusion Escalation scenario. As IO describes, “you’ll be faced with different challenges, depending on the selections you make…” In an ominous hint, supposedly this scenario starts with locating the “peacock.”

The new elusive target this time will be The Iconoclast. She’ll be hidden somewhere in Mendoza starting on May 12. In a blog post, IO explains, “We’re starting this one a little earlier than usual, but we’re also giving you longer to play it. For 12 days, you’ll have one chance to infiltrate Mendoza and eliminate The Iconoclast. Once you’ve updated the game, you’ll see the countdown clock for their exact arrival time already live in the game. We’ll double and triple-check that they leave as planned, too.”

Another nice bonus is that players will be able to experience Paris for free on May 28 and June 6. This is similar to both previous games where certain areas were given out as free samples. That free section will also have another elusive target, which IO describes as, “a Black Hat Hacker with a penchant for a certain Alabama jam.”

All in all, it sounds like a nice little update for fans of Hitman 3. It should be live within the next few hours across all platforms, so get ready to jump back into the World of Assassination.

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