Hitman 3 Player Crushes Everyone In A Single Level With A Grape Press

The creativity of Hitman players knows no bounds, so it’s not very surprising to hear that one player has now attempted to kill every single person in Hitman 3’s Mendoza level with the grape press.

YouTuber Teallen96 has broadcast his killing prowess to the world in his most recent video (via Kotaku) by knocking out each individual person in the level, shoving them all in the grape press, and then activating it. This entire process took Teallen96 just over ten hours to complete, but the end results were definitely worth the hassle.

As can be seen in the video below, the game struggles with so many unconscious bodies in one place, and the frame rate tanks the closer Agent 47 gets to the controls. When the button is finally pushed, the press comes down quickly and lifts to reveal a small amount of blood – very small considering the press must have at least 100 bodies in it – and several bags of clothing.

What’s surprising is that this isn’t even Teallen96’s first foray into mass murder. There are multiple videos on his YouTube channel in which he gets creative with different Hitman levels. One experiment shows you what happens when you try to kill over 100 NPCs with the battering ram in the first Hitman’s Colorado level. Another shows Teallen96 trying to crush every active NPC with the light rig in Hitman’s Paris level.

Trying to murder every NPC in each level in Hitman seems to be a recurring challenge at the moment. More devout Hitman followers may remember a quite recent story that saw streamer RTGameCrowd attempt to blow up the entire population of Hitman’s Sapienza level in a single explosion. This involved knocking everyone out, dragging them to a tiny freezer, and setting off a chain reaction with a rubber duck explosive.

If you want to join these creative killers and design your own bizarre challenges, Hitman 3 is currently available to download on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and can be streamed on Nintendo Switch.

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