Hitman 3: How To Get Sniper Assassin In Dubai

The debut mission of Hitman 3 is one full of breathtaking sights, sounds, outfits, and activities. Being on top of the tallest building in the world is not a task for the squeamish, even if it is only a video game. There are so many different floors and areas that it’s hard to keep track of. In a phrase, we’re a long way from Kansas.

Unfortunately, the sniper conditions are a lot better in Kansas. One doesn’t exactly think of long distances for which to keep safe and stay out of sight while in the middle of a compact gala. So for the sniper assassin challenge in Dubai, the trick isn’t to find a perfect place to snipe (there isn’t one); it’s to MAKE a perfect place to snipe.


Obviously, you’re going to need a container with a sniper rifle in it. But it’ll make life a lot easier if you use a sniper that has piercing rounds. The atrium lobby is going to be your ideal starting location. Actually, it’s going to be your only starting location because you can’t carry the container with you in the others. The rest of the loadout up to personal taste.

Get Outside


Go up the stairs and make a lefthand u-turn. You’ll see a code-locked door. Enter by typing in 4706.

There is an employee right around the corner who’s wearing a handy uniform. Even handier, there is a vacuum cleaner distraction and a place to put a body right next to you. The first person who comes investigating will not be the staff member, so knock this first one out and hide her. Then activate the vacuum cleaner again, knock the staff member out, grab his suit, and hide his body.

Continue down the hall. Wait for the two guards to finish their conversation (the one on the right is an enforcer) and then head left and through a door.

Another enforcer is in this room, along with a staffer. Use your phone on the windows and the enforcer will be briefly left all alone. Take his uniform, hide his body in the crate, and then get some fresh air. It’s totally fine to wield a weapon with this outfit, so get your sniper rifle out of your briefcase.

Change Disguises Again

Hang along the ledge on the right side and climb up when prompted. You’ll spot a balcony on your left, get there, scan the window, and hop back indoors.

However, the bigger issue is that, once again, you’re going to have to upgrade disguises. An elite guard paces back and forth in front of you all by himself and he makes for the ideal candidate. Sneak up on this guard and take his outfit.

Your target will patrol in this area, so you’ll have to drag his gun and his body into the storage room next door and put him in the cabinet. A janitor is in this room, but he’s humming away and in his own world, so don’t worry about him turning around.

Hack The System

As luck would have it, the server room is actually where the other door in the storage room leads to. Ignore the vocal prompt to pull on the server as it will set off an alarm. Instead, exit this room on the right and find a maintenance hallway.

Pass by a woman on the phone and knock out a gentleman overlooking the festivities. Pick up his keycard, hide the body in the cabinet right next to him, and go back to the server room.

After swiping your card, you’ll now want to pull out one of the server racks. The correct one to pull will have yellow letters on the screen while the incorrect options will all display green letters. It changes from playthrough-to-playthrough, so always look for the yellow letters when practicing this technique.

The only option that you absolutely must select is “Re-arrange Meetings,” but you can do all four selections for some extra help, there’s no reason not to.

Get To The Meeting

Thanks to your disguise, almost nobody will suspect a thing as you make your way to the meeting. However, there is one enforcer who simply doesn’t move and has his eyes on the main hallway, so cut through the conference room before going up the stairs.

Now get to the lounge and hide inside of a crate until both targets arrive. There is an enforcer in this room who patrols back and forth, so keep your eye out before making your move inside.

Set Up The Shot

When both targets sit on the couch, they’ll be too busy to see what you’re doing. Press the button on a panel behind the bar to activate a shield that locks out everyone except Agent 47 and the two targets.

Lucas Grey will pop up on a television screen and keep the two targets distracted. At this point, they’ll pace around, so wait until they’re right in front of each other. Then fire your sniper rifle, killing both targets with a single bullet.

Hide the bodies and activate the panel again to leave the room.

Get Out Of There

Stay on this same floor. Exit the same way you entered the lounge, but instead of going down the stairs to the right, hang left and take the door to an outdoor balcony. You’ll see a parachute by the corner. Pick up the parachute and you’ll have completed the sniper assassin challenge!

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