Hitman 3: How To Get Sniper Assassin In Berlin

There is a term dealing with the simplicity of shooting fish in a barrel. At first, it seems highly relevant in Hitman 3’s version of Berlin. There are loads of targets and you only need to strike down five of them to consider the mission a success. With a body count like the one Agent 47 has, how hard can it be?

It turns out the answer to that question is extremely hard. The fish in this barrel are all armed to the teeth and one wrong move can rain down thousands of bullets each with an objective to blast you into last year. So what do you do when you find out that you’re the fish in the barrel? Simply, grab a sniper rifle and do what you do best.


Starting off in the biker hangout has a few solid perks. You’ll start off in an outfit that allows you to wander about anywhere in the game and not be trespassing. Also, you will be very close to the overpass where your favorite silenced sniper rifle will be stored.

A lockpick or a crowbar will help you get past a gate that you need to bust into later on. And a Sieker 1 pistol is going to make two of your targets a delightful walk in the park. The last inventory slot can be whatever you feel will help you the most.


For the sake of expediency, it’s good to know ahead of time which targets you’ll be going for and in which order.

  • Agent Rhodes is target one and will be tending to the makeshift greenhouse inside the biker area.
  • Agent Lowenthal is target two and will be patrolling the middle of the biker area.
  • Agent Tremaine is target three and he mans the sniper nest on the right side of the biker area.
  • Agent Green is target four and is walking on the rooftops in the middle of the map.
  • Agent Thames is target five and will be cruising in the open road on the left side of the map.

Pick Up Your Rifle

Make your way to the garage door closeby and open it up to get outside.

If you look up a little bit, you’ll not only see the room where your sniper rifle is stashed, you’ll see how to get there as well. Climb up a crate and then climb up again. Move left to find the latter and use it to go up. Then move right onto the stairs that will lead you directly to where you have to go.

Sometimes you need the briefcase for the sniper challenges, but in this instance, feel free to leave the briefcase behind, your disguise makes it so that the NPCs are totally cool with whatever huge sniper rifle you feel like wielding.

Take Out Target One

Head back down exactly the way you came up and back into the biker area. Look on the map for the leftmost target and shoot him with your Sieker 1. This will make him ill and he’ll go to the balcony to throw up.

Subdue him before shooting him so that his body does not go flying. You can leave the corpse here as nobody else patrols this outdoor area.

Take Out Target Two

Target two is quite the explorer and will go up and down floors, but this works to your advantage as it’s only a matter of time before you get the perfect chance to use the final shot from your Sieker 1 on him.

Unlike target one, he’ll go to a fully functional restroom to throw up. Snipe him while he’s hurling and get ready for a hike. You can leave the body here, nobody uses the restroom.

Make Your Way To The Final Sniping Location

Your disguise makes it so that you can essentially take any path you’d like to get to the front of the club. Going from the juice bar to Chill Out to the wardrobe to the front entrance is probably the most efficient route, but don’t feel the need to take any unnecessary risks.

You’ll be going through the hole in the fence en route to the radio tower.

Upon arriving at the radio tower, you’ll pick the lock on the gate and enter. Do not take the stairs. Always take the ladder up instead. There are green lasers that will alert your third target to your location. You can easily snipe him first, but this will ruin your sniper assassin challenge.

Take Out Targets Three Through Five

These final targets all have friends around them. If you don’t shoot them quickly and climb down the ladder, their friends will put it all together and start shooting at the radio tower that you are in.

Do not take the stairs to the top until you shoot target three. He has binoculars and will see you if you go any higher. Shoot him and then go up to the highest floor.

Target four will be pacing the rooftops and it likely the easiest to kill of the five because he’s exposed no matter where he moves. He also takes frequent smoke breaks.

Target five will be walking along the open road on the left. Take him out and then scurry down the ladder.


Unless you managed to get the best luck in the world, the enemies should be in search mode by now. This means they haven’t spotted you, but they’ll be sending people to check out that control tower. Take the fastest route possible to the closest exit on a bicycle.

Congratulations on completing the sniper assassination challenge in Berlin! Enjoy some time in the club, 47, you’ve earned it.

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