Hitman 3: How To Complete The Mile High Drop Challenge In Dubai

Given that one of the missions in Hitman 3 takes place within the tallest building in the world, it was inevitable that Agent 47 would cause his targets to fall to their death. Pushing them off would be the simple solution but their also more effective methods.

For the Mile High Drop Challenge, Agent 47 will need to trigger an evacuation. This will prompt both targets, Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, to jump off of the building. What both Stuyvesant and Ingram don’t realize is that 47 ensured they won’t land safely.

Planning The Mission

You should at least have Mastery Level 4 when attempting this Challenge. This will give you access to the Meeting Room Starting Location. The Meeting Room is one of the quickest ways to make your way up the building. For your Gear, just bring your pistol, coins, and lockpick.

Getting The Evacuation Keycard

Starting from the Meeting Room, immediately get up from your chair and leave through the door behind you. Quickly run past the two guards to avoid detection and enter the first door on the right. Pull out your camera to open the left window, which will then prompt both the guard and the woman to leave a few seconds later.

Once they leave, you can jump out the window and start climbing to the right. There’s only one path here, so you’ll eventually make your way up to another window. Go ahead and open up the window and you’ll find yourself in a hallway.

If you’ve made your way here early into the mission, there is a good chance that Carl Ingram will be standing near a ledge on this floor with his personal guard. Before doing anything next, you should wait until they all leave to avoid being detected.

Once Ingram and his guards leave, you’ll want to subdue the guard texting on his phone. If you hide behind the boxes closest to him, you can lure him out with a coin and grab him as he’s walking past you. Drag his body to the Storage room on your left. There will be a cabinet you can hide the body on your left as soon as you walk in. Put on his disguise.

Leave the Storage room from the same door and turn left. Nearby is a guard that will get a phone call once you walk past him. Walk into the door next to him. He won’t be suspicious of your disguise. Go into the room and you’ll see a safe to your right. The code for it is 6927. Open it and grab the Evacuation Keycard.

Also, be sure to grab the banana in this room next to the sleeping guard. You’ll see why later on.

Slashing The Parachutes

Before you trigger an evacuation, you will first need to sabotage the parachutes. After you’ve grabbed the Evacuation Keycard, head back down the hallway towards the window you came in. As you approach the window, you’ll see a door to your left called Penthouse Staff. Use your lockpick and enter.

Make your way up the stairs and keep going until you end up in a fancy room with three white couches. Make sure you avoid the guard in this room. He sees through your disguise. In this room, you’ll find a cutting board with lime and a knife. Grab the knife.

By using Instinct around you, you’ll see a yellow line that starts on your floor and goes up to the floor above you. Go towards the bottom end of that line and you’ll see one of the two Evacuation Keycard Readers.  To the right of it are two parachutes. Wait until the guards are away from the parachutes, then you can then open them and sabotage them with the knife.

Triggering An Evacuation

Now that the parachutes are defective, all that’s left for you to trigger the evacuation. It’s really up to you which Evacuation Keycard Reader you want to start on but we’ve found starting from the one on top is the fastest. All that matters is that you trigger them within a short amount of time.

Go upstairs and trigger the top one, then immediately head back downstairs. When you get downstairs, turn left (you want to avoid going right as that one guard could spot you) and head towards the second one. Trigger that one and now you’re done.

There’s nothing left for you to do but wait a little bit before everything happens. Using your Instinct, you can see both Ingram and Stuyvesant running around the map. At first, they’re going to try and leave via helicopter. Don’t worry. They won’t be able to.

After that, they’ll run towards your location and grab the two defective parachutes. They’ll be escorted outside where Ingram has his golf balls and clubs. After they both jump, you’ll see their parachutes open then break immediately, completing the Mile High Drop Challenge.

Secret Trophy

One more bonus thing! There’s a secret Trophy/Achievement that you can do around this called Keep Your Eyes Peeled. Using the banana you grabbed earlier in the room with the Evacuation Keycard, you can actually put it down and have one of the targets slip as they are jumping off.

You can put down the banana peel down by holding down both Bumpers on a controller or holding Caps Lock on a keyboard. Just make sure you take out the worker cleaning the windows or else she’ll pick it up. You can drag her body and throw her off the building.

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