Hitman 3: How To Complete All Three Levels Of The Sinbad Stringent Escalation

Players were after the first month of fixing bugs was completed for Hitman 3. Of course, a smooth experience is important. But what players were actually anticipating were the new challenges that Io loves to dole out. The brand new escalation, The Sinbad Stringent, has been perhaps the most difficult of all the new escalations introduced.

All three levels of these challenges are extremely tough. However, you should take advantage of the fact that you do not have to win silently. If, at any point, you should get spotted, go ahead and kill the guards that attack you. Then hide and wait for them to disburse. This guide will, of course, attempt to take you down the cleanest route, but if your way is less clean, hey, no judgment.

Level One

  • If you change your starting disguise at any point, you will immediately fail the mission.
  • Start with a restricted loadout.
  • Hit five targets with a kitchen knife.

Turn to your right and pick up a knife. Always keep your knife tucked away as it’s illegal to be seen holding a kitchen knife in your disguise.

Head to the art gallery and throw the knife at your first target. As will all targets, double-check to make sure that no one is around before you throw unless you’re ready to do some open combat.

Head past the security area and find another knife carelessly jabbed into a sofa cushion.

Turn around and immediately use the knife you just picked up on the target right in front of you, just over the side of the balcony.

Go to the area on the map called the Art Installation Backstage and you’ll find another knife behind some cover.

Then use your camera to open the window before throwing the knife at the target outside. Don’t work too hard, you can hit the target from the same location that you picked up the knife.

Go to the garden and pick up a knife left unattended on the bench.

The target is right off the edge here, but there are a lot of spectators. Throw from the bushes to guarantee you don’t get caught.

Go straight for the final target on the map and you will pass a large planter that has a fifth and final knife inside.

Hurl the knife off of the nearest balcony and take the closest exit. Now brace yourself for the level two escalation.

Level Two

  • If you change your starting disguise at any point, you will immediately fail the mission.
  • Start with a restricted loadout.
  • Hit five targets with a kitchen knife.

If these restrictions look similar, they are, nothing has changed between the first and the last level except the location of your targets.

Your first step should be to pick up the same five knives that you got in the level one escalation. Unfortunately, your targets are all going to be located in trespassing areas. Grabbing knives there can be dangerous, so it’s best to go for the safe knives instead.

No route will be completely safe, but as a person stuck in a tech disguise, you can get access to an area with a low probability of being caught. Get to the control room and vault into the restricted area.

Turn left and hug the right wall to avoid getting picked up by the security camera. Then unlock the window and unleash a blade at your first target.

As you go to the location of the second target just above this first one on the map, you’ll run into three civilians with their backs turned to you. Subdue each of the three people nicely or violently, your call. Pick up the janitorial key dropped from the second victim. After that, you’ve got a straight shot and no guards to stop you from hitting the second target on the far left side of the atrium.

Retrace your steps until you are about to enter the server room, then look left instead. A third target looks too far to hit, but if you aim your arc high, the game will lock on to the target for you.

On the map, head right and straight down the hall. There is a guard in the security room, but he’s asleep, so don’t let him bother you. Stick to the right wall again to dodge another security camera. Then go outside, duck down, and hit your fourth floating target.

There are way too many enemies in the penthouse, but there is a ledge you can climb onto and sneak past everything. Hop through the window, slide across, then jump back in when the penthouse guards are behind you.

Then it’s just an easy toss on the fifth target, slide back across, take your nearest exit, and it’s on to the final step!

Level Three

  • If you change your starting disguise at any point, you will immediately fail the mission.
  • Start with a restricted loadout.
  • Hit five targets.
  • Secret objective: After killing the five targets, kill Marcus Stuyvesant with a kitchen knife.

The secret objective obviously stands out here, but the more important detail is that you no longer have to hit the targets with kitchen knives. That will make this part significantly easier, even if it will be a bit messier.

After picking up the initial knife to your right, head to the area in which you got the second knife and kill both of the guards here. Take their silenced guns and you’ll be in business.

With this silenced gun and the guards out of the way, shoot both targets near the top of the atrium.

You’ll be using the control room to restricted area path again, but this time make sure to pick up the crowbar in the control room before moving on.

Go to the same place as the target in level two, using the camera once again to open the window. This time, instead of being in front of you, the target is straight above your head.

Turn to the right and look into the distance. You can hit this target from this position as well.

Now you’ll be putting that crowbar to good use. Instead of going down the hall, crack open the first door on your right.

After climbing the stairwell, you don’t need to expose yourself in the main area of the lounge, shoot the target from the hallway to move on to the secret objective.

Use your instinct to locate Stuyvesant.

He patrols all over, so find a good corner to hide behind and let him have it with a knife. His entourage will certainly freak out, but if you run, hide, and find an exit, you’ll be all wrapped up with possibly the most complicated escalation the Hitman series has ever seen.

Congratulations on getting this tough job done! Grab some appetizers on your way out, 47.

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