Hitman 3: 10 Tips & Secrets For On Top Of The World

Fans had to wonder if Hitman 3 would be able to give fans the same rush that the maps in Hitman 1 and 2 did. It felt like Agent 47 had gone everywhere, from race car tracks to Italian beaches. Then the first mission comes along and puts you on the world’s tallest tower and you’ll realize that Io Interactive has done it once again.

Of course, part of the fun of Hitman is doing things the way you like to do them. If you want to do a specific challenge or a specific achievement, there are some great guides available. This list is here to give you more tools to use, or not to use, at your discretion. That way you can feel like you’re on top of the world during On Top Of The World.

10 Speed Run

The DLC will have to resolve some burning questions, but dealing with the Providence overlords won’t be one of them. You get to deal with two of these goons in the very first mission. And, if you’re impatient, you can deal with them quickly.

If you choose to take the elevator and start in The Atrium, you’ll find that both targets are immediately in range and exposed to gunshots after you go up the stairs. Then just head back down and back into the same elevator. Fifteen seconds or less and you’re done!

9 Free Coins

Carrying over the fun and senseless tradition into Hitman 3, you can take somebody’s money without actual consequences. The NPCs will notice and won’t like it, but thankfully they won’t beat you up for taking a few coins.

You always have to make decisions about what to take in your inventory, and it can be hard to leave off a critical item like coins. The appetizer table is in a safe and public area and it has four coins on it for the taking, so taking these frees up your inventory slot for something else.

8 The Bushes

Disguises in the game range from the hilariously bad to the sleek and professional, but maybe you’re the type of person who likes to get things done from the brush instead of by switching costumes.

Dubai might not feel like the ideal place for you, but if you make your way to the first floor, check out the garden on the east side. Not only are there some bushes to hide in, but some high-value individuals and one of the targets patrol through here regularly.

If that’s not enough incentive, there are coins on a bench and Zana Kazem is carrying a silencer and lethal poison on his as well.

7 No One Around

It can be tricky to use the PSVR, so be sure to take in a couple of tips from the experts about how to use it first. The maneuvering can be tricky and it’s best to kill targets with ranged weaponry from a wide-open place in case of error.

The fourth floor of the atrium is technically very well guarded, but only at the doors, so you’ll have plenty of room out of eyesight. If nothing else, take a look around, this is the location those beautiful screenshots were taken from.

6 Kind Of A Gamer

The Hitman series is known for assassinations and Easter Eggs. If you get the chance to break into Carl Ingram’s office at the top of the building, check his computer, you’ll find that you aren’t the only gamer in Dubai if you count Solitaire as a video game.

If the Easter Egg isn’t enticing, you still have a good reason to get here. Ingram shows up regularly and you can get an easy assassination here by slamming him into the model in his office.

5 Keypad Code Homage

You can always rank the best weapons in Hitman 3, but Agent 47’s best weapon is knowledge. In the case of Dubai, knowing that the keycode is 4706 will gain you access to two different staff areas.

The code shows exactly how much space that your organization is taking up in the minds of the two targets. Agent 47 is, of course, the protagonist, and Lucas Grey is Subject 06. Put these together and you get a very telling code.

Additionally, the code to the security room is 6927 and the code to the guest bedroom is 7465.

4 The Stash

Sure, there are improvements that Hitman 3 can do to make the experience better, but just imagine how the NPCs inside of the game feel. When they aren’t getting killed, Agent 47 has eyes on their information, their money, and their stash.

There is a cannabis joint stashed away in a planter on floor five. This might seem like just a goofy little addition, but remember that the joints in this game will knock a target out cold for a few seconds. And Carl Ingram is a smoker.

3 Locker Room

If you manage to get into the employee staff room, you’ve hit a goldmine of possibilities. There is a man in there who can’t find the key to his locker and has someone trying to help find it. Of course, you can always find it first.

After that, you can open his locker, then get his maintenance uniform and some poison. If you’re good at picking locks, there’s another locker here with even more equipment. Plus, you’ve got access to the kitchen area, if you want to use that poison sooner rather than later.

2 Safety Deposit Boxes

Most of the time you have to work to get into a vault, but if you reached the front entrance, you’re in real luck. The safety deposit boxes are on your immediate left. If you brought along a lockpick, you’ll be able to nab a gold bar, gold idol, automatic weapon, and rare liquor bottle.

Obviously, Agent 47 has no need for cash, but everyone else in the game does. If you throw a gold bar, you can generate a frenzy of people who are trying to grab the prize. It can be a helpful distraction in a pinch!

1 Security Vine

Once again, even in the tallest tower in the world, nature provides. There is a vine along the side of the wall once you head up the stairs from the starting area. It’s behind a wall so no one will see you sneaking up there.

Once at the top, the security room will be right in front of you. There’s a story mission here if you want to play bodyguard, but you’ll also have access to alarms and keycards to play around with.

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