Hideo Kojima Seems To Be Teasing An Announcement For Gamescom

Hideo Kojima has shared an image of his video editing software, which some have taken as a tease that we might see something at Gamescom.

Earlier today, Kojima shared two images of editing software on his computer, alongside the caption, "Tentatively finished editing for now", which seems to be implying that he's working on editing together a trailer to show off. Considering Gamescom is just a few weeks away, it seems very likely that he's teasing that a trailer will be shown during the Opening Night Live showcase on August 24 with his best mate, Geoff Keighley.

There are two likely possibilities as to what this could be hinting at. The first is Death Stranding 2, which has been confirmed by Norman Reedus a couple of times now and seems to have been in development for quite a few years, if the several mentions by Reedus and teases from Kojima himself are anything to go off of.

The second game that Kojima could show off is Overdose, the cloud-based horror he's making with Microsoft. Last year, several insiders reported seeing a trailer for Overdose, which is rumoured to star Margaret Quailey. Although it doesn't make sense for Kojima to be editing together a trailer that apparently already exists in some form, he could just be teasing that something is coming or making adjustments to the trailer that was leaked.

Although it seems much more likely to be hinting at a Gamescom appearance considering that event is much closer, if Kojima doesn't show anything off in two weeks, it's possible that he's editing the trailer for The Game Awards, as he's been known to make appearances there too. Either way, it's clear that Kojima is gearing up to show something off soon.

It's also possible that Kojima is simply editing something for his own use, although the famed director has previously shared images of editing software and vague Twitter teases just before showing something off at major showcases, so it seems more likely that he's purposefully teasing that something is on the way.

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