Hide Your PS5 From Scalpers With This New Camouflage Collection

PlayStation has revealed the next way PS5 owners will be able to jazz up their consoles and accompanying accessories. Well, these new options might actually do the opposite, as the latest color added to the collection will be Gray Camouflage.

PlayStation dropped a reveal trailer for the new pattern on Tuesday (thanks, Nibellion) before adding more details via a blog post. As the name suggests, the accessories are covered in a camouflage pattern, but one that is made up of greys, blacks, and much subtler shades of green than traditional camouflage. If you like the new pattern, you will soon be able to apply it to your PS5, DualSense, and Pulse 3D wireless headset.

Well, technically you will only be able to apply the pattern to your console. If you want the matching Gray Camouflage headset and controller you will need to buy them separately. Rather than forcing PS5 owners to buy a whole new console whenever they fancy a change of color, PlayStation has equipped its newest consoles with covers that can be removed and changed. The Gray Camouflage covers and other accessories will be joining a number of others previously added via the Galaxy collection.

You would think those lucky enough to have landed a PS5 (yes, two years in they are still notoriously hard to come by) would want it to stand out rather than be camouflaged. Kidding aside, the more color options for the console the better. White was a bold new choice for PlayStation when it revealed the PS5, and Gray Camouflage will be much more forgiving of the dust the sizable console tends to gather.

Pre-orders for the new accessories begin next week on September 15, and the console cover and DualSense controller will be available from October 14, 2022. The headset won't be available in Gray Camouflage until December of this year. The perfect holiday gift for someone with a PS5, or someone who is planning to buy one despite the price hike in certain regions.

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