Here’s what the inside of a PS5 looks like as Sony reveal faster Wi-Fi than Xbox

Sony has released a teardown video showing just what’s inside a PS5 console, with faster USB ports and Wi-Fi antenna than the Xbox Series X/S.

If you want to know what exactly you’re getting for your money with a PlayStation 5, then Sony has just released a video showing one being ripped, very carefully, to pieces.

Performing the operation is Yasuhiro Ootori, vice president of mechanical design at Sony’s hardware design division – so he must know his way around a screwdriver.

It’s probably best to just watch the whole thing yourself but Ootori once again emphasises how quiet the PlayStation 5 is, which is why it and its fan is so large.

Other highlights of the tour include a good look at the front of the console and all its USB ports, the HDMI port, and the slot for the SSD storage expansion on the back.

You also get a good look at the removable side plates and stands, that have previously only been seen via leaks.

Further inside you get to see the actual SSD, the motherboard, heatsink, and confirmation that the console uses liquid metal to cool chips instead of the old school thermal past [insert Terminator 2 joke here].

What seems to be new information though is that the PlayStation 5 has a Wi-Fi 6 wireless antenna (aka 802.11ax) which supports Bluetooth 5.1 and has a maximum transfer speed of 9.6Gbit/s.

By comparison the Xbox Series X/S only has a slower Wi-Fi 5 chip. It also doesn’t have the USB-C slot that the PlayStation 5 has, which also means slower transfer speeds.

The PlayStation 5 has a standard USB-A (black) and a USB-C port on the front and two USB-A (blue) ports on the back. Apart from the USB-A on the front they’re all rated as ‘SuperSpeed’, meaning they can run at up to 10Gbit/s compared to half that on the Xbox Series X/S.

The PlayStation 5 is due to be released on November 19 in the UK and November 12 outside Europe.

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