Here Are The Mobile Games That Made Over A Billion Dollars This Year

While console and PC games might get the lion's share of attention and column inches, there are mobile games that continue to generate mega bucks and draw huge numbers of players.

These mobile games are massively successful, creating large fanbases who devote many hours – and much cash – to tweaking their in-game avatars, or grinding away to upgrade their level. For those who manage to hit on the right formula, mobile games can prove to be business changing. Pokemon Go, for instance, helped Niantic transform into the $9 billion company it has become. Meanwhile, Chinese tech giant Tencent pulls in enormous profits from its mobile portfolio.

Sensor Tower recently reported on the mobile games that generated $1 billion in consumer spending in 2021. There were eight different titles, up from the five that hit the one billion mark in 2020, and the three each in 2019 and 2018.

The eight games that generated more than $1 billion in consumer spending this year are:

  1. PUBG Mobile – Tencent
  2. Honor of Kings – Tencent
  3. Genshin Impact – MiHoYo
  4. Roblox – Roblox
  5. Coin Master – Moon Active
  6. Pokémon Go – Niantic
  7. Candy Crush Saga – King
  8. Garena Free Fire – Garena

The top two games were far ahead in raking in consumer spending. PUBG Mobile and Honor of Kings each generated $2.8 billion. These titles generate profits as players buy in-game items such as cosmetic products for their avatars, or other in-app purchases such as loot boxes and currency. Honor of Kings is very popular in China where the MOBA has a devoted following.

The worldwide success of Genshin Impact has also transformed the fortunes of Shanghai-based miHoYo. The open-world action RPG has brought in $1.8 billion in consumer spending.

The list of eight titles show mobile gaming's continued growth worldwide and this expansion applies to the rest of the mobile chart. Sensor Tower predicts that global consumer spending for mobile games will reach nearly $90 billion in 2021, which would represent growth of 12.6 percent year-over-year.

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