Hello Neighbor 2: 8 Relatable Things Every Player Does

Hello Neighbor 2 is all about using stealthy antics to effectively break into your neighbor's homes and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets. Initially, it seems like maybe you're the bad guy since you're sifting through their belongings and breaking all the locks on their clearly private rooms, but soon enough, you'll see whatever they're hiding is sufficient cause for concern.

Getting through these segments surprisingly leaves many of us doing similar things to break apart the tension, and give some relief in between all the chasing from these terrifying neighbors. Other acts are accidental mishaps that can happen all too often.

8/8 Skip The Opening Cutscene Whenever Starting A New Run

There's no shame in skipping past cutscenes you've already seen if you know the story and require no refresher; it can even make replaying more appealing when given a skip button. Sometimes you just want to get going straight away.

Also, for those who try their hand at speedrunning, you'll know all too well how essential a skip button is when starting a new run.

7/8 Attempt To Speedrun The Game

Speedrunning is a core part of some communities where players work together to figure out tricks and glitches that will let them get through the game in a world-record time. While some major titles are known for their speedrunning popularity, indie horror games like Hello Neighbor also see their fair share of speedrunners.

Seeing someone attempt to complete Hello Neighbor in a matter of minutes looks easier than it actually is, but what’s stopping you from trying it yourself? You won’t get an under-three-minute run on your first try, but you might do better than most.

6/8 Hide Every Time You Hear A Noise

Every horror gaming fan knows about the legacy of the first Hello Neighbor. This means players of the sequel are aware that if they hear something that sounds like an enemy patrolling, then nine times out of ten that’s what it is.

If one of the neighbors catches you, it isn’t game over. However, it will reset most of your inventory, so you have to retrace your steps and sneak past enemies again. It’s not the most exciting thing in the world to constantly shove yourself in a locker, but it sure beats losing valuable progress when caught.

5/8 Get Stuck On The Platforming Sections

Granted, platforming is nowhere near as irksome as in the original game, and you have a little more leeway for making mistakes like slightly missing a jump or not standing in a specific spot. However, the later stages especially require you to be extremely precise.

If you manage to pull all these moments off on the first try, you deserve a medal or two. At times it's virtually impossible, unless using a game-breaking bug or trying over and over again until you feel like ripping your hair out.

4/8 Get Caught Over, And Over Again

With mechanics that can be abused to your advantage also comes the overly confident player who thinks they can escape the neighbors without a hitch — only to be caught straight away. It becomes a lot easier to get captured and sent back to the outside of a building whenever you're standing in a tight hallway or are trying to work out a puzzle to progress.

Getting captured is part of the charm, and whether intentional or not, it's always entertaining seeing your neighbor's angry little faces as they place their hands around your shoulders.

3/8 Panic Over What To Take With You

You only have a limited capacity for what you can bring with you, and everything you carry takes up an inventory slot — whether it's equipped or not. This means a lot of backtracking is on the cards, and with backtracking comes excessive danger, potential loss of mission progress, and several glitches.

You can never have everything needed for an area on hand, but if you drop it, there's a chance you'll lose the item altogether, as it's common for objects to blip out of the player area. The panic is real, it's warranted, and it's a feeling we've all experienced at least once while playing.

2/8 Run Everywhere, Even When You Really Shouldn't

The idea of never running with scissors is ironic once you realize that's what you'll spend half your time doing. You need these pathway-opening tools for the entire game, but that's another story. What we need to focus on is how many players run around everywhere, even knowing how dangerous this simple task can turn out.

If you're running, the neighbors can pinpoint your location faster and sneak up on you, but you'll also get to reach essential areas quicker at the small cost of risking your life.

1/8 Accidentally Lose Essential Items

Losing something that halts the narrative by restricting your progression is far from entertaining. However, it's also tough to prevent. Say you need to drop an item to free up space for a current item essential to progress, there's a hefty chance it'll completely disappear.

There aren't really duplicates to talk about, so once you've lost something, your only choices are to hope it'll reappear or to reload an earlier save and play up to the point you're stuck at. Losing sight of these crucial items always happens at the worst of times, too.

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