Hearthstone: Every Paladin Card From March Of The Lich King, Ranked

If you play Hearthstone, you’re no stranger to the constant flow of expansion packs adding variety to your deck. March of the Lich King is no different, falling back on the boss from the Knights of the Frozen Throne mission in 2017 and bringing him back with over 140 cards in tow.

Ten more Paladins are included in March of the Lich King, with different effects to make them valuable for your deck. Although your play style will be the ultimate judge of which cards are the better than others, it’s easy to see how much use each of the Paladins can get in your deck.

10/10 Sanguine Soldier

Sanguine Solder is a rare minion that only costs one mana to play from your hand. This card doesn’t have the best stats to help with fighting your opponent, and the Battlecry that’s triggered when you play it will hit your own hero with two damage.

Although the Soldier seems pointless to have in your hand, let alone deck, it also has the Divine Shield effect that means the first hit of damage it takes is ineffective. Since it has one Health, this is especially helpful and allows it to stay in play for one more turn.

9/10 Blood Crusader

An epic minion, Blood Crusader has impressive 5/5 stats to help take out weaker enemies. The Battlecry triggered when you play this card makes the next Paladin you play in the same turn cost you Health instead of mana.

It’s never great losing Health, but this does save you mana and allows you to play another card in the same turn. Since Blood Crusader costs six mana, you’re likely playing it towards the middle of the game, and having the ability to play even one more card with limited mana can make a huge difference in your overall game.

8/10 Blood Matriarch Liadrin

This legendary minion is cheap with decent stats. While she’s effective enough on her own, Blood Matriarch Liadrin benefits your next minion even more. As long as the next minion you play has less Attack (hers is three), it will gain Divine Shield and Rush.

If you have a weak minion with favorable Battlecry or Deathrattle effects, playing it after Laidrin is a wise decision. It will get to attack the enemy immediately for some damage, and ignore the first hit your opponent launches at it.

7/10 Seal Of Blood

Seal of Blood is a common Spell that more than compensates for the three mana cost and the hit of three damage your hero will take when you cast it. With this Spell, one of your Minions will gain +3/+3 stats and a Divine Shield.

If you time playing this card right, you could make an incredibly strong minion that doesn’t even feel the first Attack it’s hit with, allowing you to counter your opponent with maximum damage.

6/10 Flight Of The Bronze

Flight of the Bronze is a rare Spell that lets you Discover a Dragon for only one mana. On top of that, the keyword Manathirst will go into effect if you have seven mana left, which will allow you to summon a 5/5 stat Drake with Taunt.

Even though this card can be used early, if you can hold off to use it until later, you’ll be able to get full use of all the effects Flight of the Bronze offers. Even if you can’t, you’re still getting a Dragon, which will come with its own benefits and perks.

5/10 Daring Drake

Daring Drake is a common minion with Rush and four Attack damage as well as four Health. Daring Drake gets a +1/+1 stat boost if you’re holding a Dragon when you put it into play, so if you know you have multiple Dragons in your deck, this a great card to add in, too.

As it's a common minion, you’re more likely to have access to this card over the rare Spell Flight of the Bronze, but if you have both, then pairing them will essentially cause a chain reaction held together by your Dragon.

4/10 Timewarden

An epic minion, Timewarden has decent Health to keep it in play longer, and it does three damage when it hits a target. The Battlecry that is triggered when you first play Timewarden goes along with Daring Drake in that, the more Dragons you have, the better you’ll like this card.

During the turn you play Timewarden, and the turn after, any Dragons you summon have both Taunt and Divine Shield, making them strong barriers between your opponent and your cards.

3/10 For Quel’Thalas!

This rare Spell is cheap to use and gives bonuses to one of your minions and your hero. For Quel’Thalas! will add three Attack to a minion of yours, as well as two Attack to your hero ¡ but only for the turn you play the Spell.

That said, you’re still getting a total of five extra damage between the two to inflict on your opponent, just from this Spell alone. Since it only costs two mana, you could play this early and gain a head start over your opponent, or wait until later to secure a win.

2/10 Feast And Famine

A common Spell, Feast and Famine gives your Hero an extra three Attack during the turn you play the card. Like For Quel’Thalas! the Spell is cheap, so you can play it at any point in the game once it’s in your hand, but the longer you wait, the better the benefit.

Manathirst will be triggered if you have four mana when you cast this Spell — you’ll also gain Lifesteal, which means any damage your hero deals will heal them the equal amount.

1/10 Anachronos

Anachronos is a legendary minion with a cost (and power) to back up their status. The Battlecry triggered when you play Anachronos will send all the minions in play two turns ahead. Meanwhile, this minion will be able to inflict eight Attack damage in a strike.

Since it costs seven mana to use, Anachronos is going to be a late in the game card to play, but with the high damage it causes, you won’t need many turns after to end the game.

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