Harry Osborn’s Voice Actor Has Been Recast For Spider-Man 2

God of War Ragnarok players familiar with the game's voice actors were subtly reminded Spider-Man 2 will hopefully be here at some point in 2023. That's because Scott Porter who voiced Harry Osborn in the first Spidey game is also the voice of Ragnarok's Heimdall. However, the actor has since revealed he won't be returning for the web-slinger's sequel.

A fan celebrating Porter's work as Heimdall admitted hearing the actor's voice reminded them how excited they are for Spider-Man 2. Porter saw the tweet and replied, revealing Insomniac had not called him back to voice Osborn. The tweet has since been deleted, implying the studio wanted to reveal the news on its own time, but a screenshot of it has been shared on Reddit.

“While I voiced Harry in the first Spider-Man I unfortunately will not be in the sequel,” Porter revealed. "They decided to go photo real and the difference between me and Harry's ages was too much to overcome I believe.” If all accurate, it sounds like Insomniac will be going in the same direction with Harry as it did with Peter Parker when it released a remastered version of the first game.

Switching the Spider-Man actors for the better-looking version of the first game caused quite a stir. When offering up an explanation as to why that decision was made, Insomniac said it wanted to bring the best performance it could for players. Unfortunately, as Porter points out, it makes even more sense for Osborn than it did for Parker. As the sequel will be a PS5 exclusive, having the characters look exactly like their actors will seemingly be a must, and Porter is quite a bit older than the in-game character he voiced in the first game.

That wasn't really an issue in the first Spider-Man as (spoilers alert) other than when he was revealed to be suspended in green liquid at the end of the game, Osborn is never shown. That coupled with the reveal that his dad Norman demanded he be released at the end of Miles Morales strongly points to Osborn being Venom in the sequel who is voiced by Tony Todd.

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