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After reaching Rank Eight in Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Weaver will give you his old salvage ship, the Armadillo. With the promise of being able to take it out into the Gates and travel the stars, you will first need to repair the run-down ship using the Ship Doctor program.

On your personal computer, you can find the Ship Doctor program, which allows you to keep track of parts that you need to repair the Armadillo. Let's take a look at where to find parts for the Armadillo, and how to repair it using the Ship Doctor.

What Is The Ship Doctor?

As mentioned above, the Ship Doctor program is installed on your personal computer after you receive the Armadillo from Weaver. Here, you can check how many salvage parts you have, which ones you need for the current object, and your progress towards the Armadillo being Gate-ready. After obtaining Ship Doctor parts, you can install them into the Armadillo by selecting the option on the left side of the screen.

After completing all parts in an objective, you will move to the next one, with each tier requiring more or different parts. There are a total of 16 objectives to complete before the Armadillo is fully repaired.

How To Get Parts For The Armadillo

To get the necessary components to repair the Armadillo, you'll need to find them on salvage shifts. There are two methods for retrieving components: picking them up directly or salvaging them from other equipment.

Items that are used for repairing the Armadillo will have a purple font. If you see the item floating around inside a ship, you can press the F key when near it to pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Alternatively, you can salvage repair components from other objects inside the ship. When hovering over objects like computer terminals or atmosphere regulators, you may find that their information is displayed with a purple font instead of the normal yellow. When this occurs, you can hold down the F key to salvage the component, allowing you to obtain a Ship Doctor part.

Salvaging Ship Doctor parts from ship components will destroy the component, meaning you won't be able to salvage it for credits.

As you complete Ship Doctor objectives, you will need a wide variety of parts. Before selecting a new ship for salvaging, you can check the right of the screen to get a quick view of which parts you need for your current objective, and which parts are present on the selected ship. If you're looking for Ship Doctor parts, be sure to use this feature to select the best ship to work on.

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