HandyGames Is Teasing A New Title For 2021, Could Be Titan Quest 2

HandyGames is teasing some big Titan Quest news, as some official artwork from the series was recently posted on its Twitter account – along with the tagline “2021.” The team also mentioned they are “working on something Legendary,” and fans are already speculating it’s the long-awaited Titan Quest 2.

There’s no indication that HandyGames is actually working on Titan Quest 2, although it’s all but guaranteed to be another game in the Titan Quest family. Whether that’s some sort of spin-off, port, or expansion is unknown, but it’s safe to say long-time fans of the franchise are excited to see what 2021 has in store.

HandyGames was acquired by THQ Nordic in 2018 and was responsible for bringing the iconic ARPG to new platforms. If you’re not familiar with Titan Quest, think of it as Diablo with an mythical flair. You’ll fight monsters from ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese mythology, all while amassing an inventory full of loot, weapons, and gear. Its port to modern consoles earned rave reviews, and we’re curious to see what HandyGames has in store next for the beloved series.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t learn much until sometime in 2021. Whether that’s a week or six months is unclear, but we’re hopeful the studio will keep fans updated as often as possible.

HandyGames has been involved with some incredible games over the years – including Battle Chasers: Nightwar – but none are as iconic as Titan Quest. Here’s hoping the team can continue its track record of working on high-quality, polished games, and we see a definitive Titan Quest 2 announcement early next year.

In the meantime, you can always check out the original Titan Quest on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, or iOS and Android. The mobile ports in particular are extremely well done, and it’s actually included in the monthly Google Play Pass on Android. It can often be found on sale as well, and is among the best ARPGs you’ll find on a mobile device.

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