Halo TV Series Trailer Shows Cortana, The Covenant, And Master Chief In Action

While the men in padded suits were taking a half-time break, we were treated to a long-awaited trailer of another guy in a suit. Paramount released the first proper trailer of the Halo TV series during halftime at the AFC Championship Game, and boy did it look good. While this wasn't the first look we got at Master Chief, we were given a glimpse at the series' version of some of the other characters from the Halo Universe.

From what we can gather via the trailer, it seems that the show will be setting up a lot of the lore we've come to know about the series. It will also touch upon the creation of Master Chief, his childhood, how he became humanity's greatest weapon, and everything that comes with it. The show will be using a lot of the game's lore and characters, but appears to be setting up its own timeline and events.

The trailer also gave us our first look at Cortana. And while she's not as blue as she is in the games, she will be played by the same actor, Jen Taylor. We also got a glimpse at Master Chief in action, taking on a pair of energy sword wielding Brutes. Elites and Jackals also featured elsewhere in the trailer.

After multiple delays, changes at the top, and recasts, Paramount's Halo TV series will finally launch on March 24.

The series already lost one showrunner during production. Steven Kane and Kyle Killian helmed the project upon its inception, but Killian stepped down as he wasn't able to devote enough time for the shooting taking place in Budapest. While Kane has been running the show for the entirety of the first season, it seems he will step down if it was to be renewed for a second season.

While it's likely that Halo will get a second season due to "the high-profile nature of the underlying IP and the high level of investment on ViacomCBS’ part", Kane's reasons for leaving are personal, as he too wants to go back to the United States. It seems that the Budapest shoot location was an issue for him as well as Killian.

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