Halo Infinite Speedrunner Beats Game In Under Three Hours

Halo Infinite's campaign launched last week and for the most part, those who have played it have had great things to say. The inability to return to previous missions and finish off things you missed the first time around is a little annoying, but that will apparently be fixed at some point in the future. Give 343 its due, especially after it cut around two-thirds of what it originally had planned for Infinite due to time constraints and perhaps thinking a little too outside of the box.

Despite having only launched a few days ago, the Halo speedrunning community is already hard at work trying to finish Infinite as quickly as possible. The first times are starting to trickle in, and someone has already managed to finish the campaign in well under three hours. YouTuber jordan who played the whole thing from start to finish in a little more than two hours ten minutes.

You can watch the whole thing, or pick out your own highlights, below. What's even more remarkable about the run is jordan admittedly could have shaved some time off of it. A crash issue below has him estimating that the run could have been ten minutes faster, meaning Infinite can almost definitely be finished in under two hours if the controller is in the right hands.

Despite jordan not seeming all that pleased with his time, since he knows he can do better, he thinks that since we are only a few days out from Infinite's launch, it's probably a world record. Official times for Infinite aren't even in yet. Speedrunners need time to do their thing before someone sets an official world record just so it can be broken over and over for a few weeks before it remains in place for a decade and then makes headlines again when it is finally beaten.

It should also be noted jordan completes Infinite in this time on easy mode. As is highlighted in the video's comments, every game's speedrunning journey has to start somewhere. Before you know it players will be flying through Infinite on Legendary in 30 minutes. Jordan has laid the first Infinite speedrunning stone though, and now someone can come along, probably later this week, and beat that time. It might even be jordan who is the first to finish Infinite in less than two hours.

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