Halo Infinite is not a full open world game, demo was on a PC

More details have emerged about the Halo Infinite gameplay demo during the Xbox Game Showcase, including a ray-tracing update.

If you watched the Halo Infinite gameplay segment of the Xbox Games Showcase (in the video below, it’s only nine minutes long) you will have seen what appears to be an open world environment, except Microsoft refused to use the term ‘open world’ during their presentation, and now we know why.

Although they avoided answering questions on the issue during the Q&A for UK journalists, 343’s Paul Crocker did broach the issue, in a roundabout way, with PCGamesN – who asked whether the game was open world or more like a traditional Halo game.

‘It’s somewhere in between. We have a lot of stuff that we haven’t shown today. We’re trying to build our open and expansive world where the player gets to explore, as we’ve said before. There’s also a lot of stuff that comes from all your memories of classic Halo in the way that we are doing up some of our spaces and where you find your secrets. You’re going to find out all about this when you get to play the game.’


This presumably means the open world environment in the demo is mixed in with linear sections of gameplay or that at certain times the game locks off parts of the world so you can’t move around too much, in imitation of older Halo games.

One of the other big questions from the night was what exactly the demo was running on, since Microsoft never confirmed it was the Xbox Series X.

It turns out it was actually running on a PC that was ‘representative’ of the Xbox Series X and its abilities. Which sounds bad but isn’t unusual with demos, especially those for new consoles – although four months before launch is leaving things a little late for such things.

Another curious revelation is that 343 are not planning to make Halo Infinite 2 and that Halo Infinite will be the one and only standalone release for the foreseeable future, according to comments made to IGN.

That sounds more like how fighting games such as Street Fighter 5 work than a first person shooter, and again is not something that was mentioned during the showcase.

‘We want Infinite to grow over time, versus going to those numbered titles and having all that segmentation that we had before. It’s really about creating Halo Infinite as the start of the next 10 years for Halo and then building that as we go with our fans and community,’ said studio head Chris Lee.

The idea is that the game will evolve in terms of locations and technology over time, with 343 promising a ray-tracing update in the future – which is presumably something only the Xbox Series X will be able to take advantage of.


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