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We've got the latest Gun Simulator codes. This Roblox game is all about earning more and more powerful weaponry, then venturing out into PvP zones to hunt for coins and action. There are bosses and vehicles and loads more to explore! If you love shooting games like Gun Simulator, we've got codes for others like Weapon Fighting Simulator and Gun Factory Tycoon. You'll unlock new pets and other boosts as you play, and these codes will help you get a head start.

We added a new code on August 19.

All Gun Simulator Codes

THXFOR20M4x coin and star boost
DARKMATTER200k free coins
DEMONGUNS200k free coins
ILOVEGUNS200k free coins!
JoinedDevvGames100k free coins!
lookmomatwitter100k free coins


Expired Codes

  • HAPPY4TH – this code is now expired
  • tofuu

How To Redeem Codes In Gun Simulator

It's real easy.

  • Click on the Twitter icon (the little blue bird) on the bottom right
  • Enter the code
  • Hit redeem

If your code doesn't work, it may be because you've entered it correctly. Make sure to copy and paste right from our list! If the code tells you it is expired, you'll need to come back soon and check for a newer code.

What Is Gun Simulator?

Gun Simulator is a game about collecting guns, but you will also end up collecting pets and skins and other weird and wonderful things as you increase your arsenal of weaponry. You start off in a safe zone but as soon as you wander out into the wilds it's anyone's game. There are coins out there, but there are also bad guys, and they want to shoot you.

Latest Gun Simulator Update

The latest event and update in Gun Simulator is a 4 x star event, as well as new pet eggs that include Magma and Void pets. Lots of guns were balanced (nice), as well as brand-new Diamond guns entering the mix. There are also new enemies you can fight to get extra stars. Check out the official game page here for more info.

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