Guilty Gear Strive’s Bridget Officially Confirmed As Trans

Bridget, a recurring character in the Guilty Gear fighting game series has been officially confirmed as trans. The fan-favourite was added to Guilty Gear Strive as part of its Season 2 DLC today and has voice lines that confirm her trans identity.

Bridget used to quickly correct people when they assumed she was female, though now, in Strive, she instead discusses her feelings with Goldlewis and Ky. She worries for her future, and if coming out is the right decision for her. At the end of the conversation, Goldlewis calls her "Cowgirl. Or, uh, cowboy…?" She gleefully responds, "Cowgirl is fine! Because… I'm a girl!"

In-game, her design is changed from her nun-like attire in previous entries in the series. She wears a black shirt with a rope around it and a hoodie that resembles her old nun headdress to call back to her original look. The male symbol on it is also changed to the Androgyne emblem.

Bridget has always had a stereotypically feminine design, but her backstory and assertions that she's male always explained this away. She was born in an English village with a male twin. The village had a superstition that twins of the same gender were bad luck, so to avoid exiling her or sacrificing her, her parents raised her as a girl.

She set out as a bounty hunter to disprove the village's superstition and has now come to terms with her identity, no longer identifying as male, but instead coming out as a trans woman.

This was alluded to by Guilty Gear creator Taisuke Ishiwatari. "He became a well-known bounty hunter and contributed greatly to his parents and the village where he was born and raised. Bridget is now trying to understand her true self." The pronoun swap shows a clear intent to reveal Bridget's trans identity.

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