Guild Wars 2: The Best Ways To Earn Achievement Points

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Achievement points are given as you complete tasks and challenges in Guild Wars 2. As you earn more achievement points, you will also earn additional rewards for each milestone you hit. These milestones are every 500 achievement points, so as an example, you would get a reward with 2,000 points, and then another once you reach 2,500 points.

These milestones may seem large, but we are here to help. In this guide, we are going to cover some of the best ways to earn achievement points, so you can get the rewards you deserve in no time. First, let's take a look at the best way to earn ten achievement points every day.


Dailies are daily tasks that will take you around Tyria. These dailies can include gathering, participating in events, looking at vistas, and several other smaller tasks. Overall, dailies aren't too difficult to complete, and they will reward you with ten achievement points and two gold.

From your achievements screen on your hero panel, you will also be able to see the total amount of achievement points that dailies have given you. Be sure to do your dailies every day; over time, these ten daily achievement points will stack up and help you reach new milestones.

Participating In Events

Many events in Guild Wars 2 will reward you with achievement points upon completion, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you are trying to farm achievement points, head to any of the world bosses that you have unfinished achievements for, and defeat them! You will be rewarded with X achievement points, as well as additional points if you have completed any challenges associated with the boss.

For example, the first time you participate in the Triple Trouble event in Bloodtide Coast, you will earn 15 achievement points, as well as the Wurm's Bane title. There are additional achievements that you can complete related to Triple Trouble, totaling 135 points.

Jumping Puzzles

Jumping puzzles can be found throughout the entire world, involving a tricky course with a chest full of loot at the end. The first time that you do a jumping puzzle, you will be rewarded with ten achievement points.

This is a lot, considering that some of the jumping puzzles in the game are quite short and don't take a lot of time to complete. If you have yet to find all the jumping puzzles in Tyria, then this is definitely a great way to earn achievement points.

Completing The Story

This method of earning achievement points is great if you are not caught up on the story yet. While playing through the main story, you will be rewarded with achievement points. For example, after finishing a story instance, you may get points just for participating.

Additionally, story instances may have extra goals that will reward you with more points. Be sure to look to the right of your health where buffs are displayed. While in certain story instances, you may see a yellow achievement symbol; this means that you can qualify for an achievement to get points.

If the symbol disappears before you are rewarded with the achievement, then you no longer qualify; you can always replay the story instance later and get the achievement.

Exploring New Places

If you have unexplored places on the map, then you can earn achievement points just from running around. Unexplored areas can be explored for map completion, which will reward you with achievement points.

Living World maps are the best places to earn achievement points. Here, you will be able to explore and participate in new events, while gaining achievement points at the same time. As you explore places such as Drizzlewood Coast for Icebrood Saga for the first time, you will earn tons of achievement points.

Participating In PvP

PvP is a game mode where you face off against other players. This can be difficult to get the hang of, especially if you aren't used to PvP, but this is a great way to earn achievement points. There are different types of PvP challenges, including several competitive mini-games where you must work together with a team.

To find the PvP achievements, head to the achievement panel and select 'Competitive'. Here, you can see the possible achievements; along with these achievements, there are several titles that you can earn pretty quickly.

Festival Achievements

Festivals are seasonal events that happen once a year. During a festival, you will be able to complete several limited-time achievements that reward experience points. If there is currently a festival, be sure to check out the festival achievements that can be finished.

For example, if you complete any zone during the Super Adventure Box Festival without dying, you will be rewarded with five achievement points. This achievement can be earned if you play on Infantile (easy) mode, allowing you to quickly get these points.

Completing Fractals

Fractals as essentially dungeons where you and a group of players complete a map. The first time you do a specific Fractal, you can earn achievement points; there are also additional challenges within Fractals that can be completed for more points.

There are weekly Fractal achievements that can be completed, which reward you with two gold each. If you already have Fractal-related achievement points, then this is still a great way to earn gold, as well as valuable loot for completing each Fractal.

Using GW2Efficiency

GW2Efficency is a website that allows you to check your personal progress. This site can be used to see what achievements have not been completed yet; you can sort the achievements by total player completion, which can act as a difficulty scale.

For example, based on users who use GW2Efficency, only around 700 players currently have the Crabgrabber achievement. For this, you need to steal 1,000 crabs in the PvP Crab Toss game. This achievement is difficult to earn, so it wouldn't be efficient to complete it while farming.

The Ghost Buster achievement, on the other hand, is one of the most completed achievements. This achievement requires you to kill 1,000 ghosts, which can be done while exploring the world.

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