GTA Vice City Remastered Likely Coming To PS Now Next Week

GTA 5's enhanced edition was supposed to have arrived on current-gen consoles by now. Alas, the world won't know for sure what Los Santos will look like on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S until March of this year should Rockstar hit its rearranged release date. To stave off those who were hungry for a better-looking GTA game, the studio launched three of them as part of The Definitive Edition, but things didn't really go to plan.

The remastered collection featuring GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas was plagued with issues at launch. Rockstar has been fixing The Trilogy gradually, but there's bad news for those of you playing the remastered version of GTA 3 through PS Now. The game will be leaving the service later this month on January 31, 2022. There is some good news though, or there appears to be judged by an advert that has made it out into the wild a little early.

The ad, which you can check out below, suggests The Definitive Edition of GTA 3 will be replaced by Vice City's remaster. It also states the game will be available to PS Now subscribers until May 2, 2022. Not ideal that it will have an expiration date, but that's a far longer stay than GTA 3 has enjoyed. The first game in The Trilogy wasn't added to PS Now until December, having its stay ended less than two months later.

Suffice to say, even though the above hasn't been confirmed by PlayStation just yet, if you've been playing GTA 3 on PS Now, this week might be time to start wrapping things up. If you want to finish the game before it leaves the service then set some time aside this weekend and power through. Either that or you'll have to pay for the full trilogy to play it after the fact. While it might happen, there has been no word yet on whether Rockstar will ever launch the three remasters individually.

If the pattern continues, you'd assume once Vice City leaves PS Now on May 2, it will be replaced by the definitive version of San Andreas. That may well depend on what PlayStation has planned for the future of PS Now. If rumors and reports are to be believed, the service will be combined with PS Plus this year as a part of PlayStation's plans to create its own competitor to Xbox Game Pass.

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