GTA Online Players Pay Tribute To Ken Block By Recreating His Stunts

GTA Online is one of the wildest and most versatile community platforms of all time. Friends, or even completely random people, can virtually meet up and have a blast over a shared interest which could range from robbing people to custom tuned cars. And, considering these shared interests, you'll often find players paying tribute to their heroes. One car meet-up group created a moving tribute to rally driver Ken Block, who sadly passed away on January 2.

Block was admired for his daring car stunts and has also made appearances in some of the biggest racing titles in the video game industry. Posted to Reddit by ‘xz_VyRus,’ the video is shot entirely within the game, and features players pulling off stunts that Block is known for performing, including his signature – hanging one wheel off a ledge while drifting out of a corner (thanks, PCGamesN).

The cars in the video also sport decals similar to the kind seen on the cars that Block would drive in his iconic Gymkhana videos. One particular stunt that Block would have been proud of was the player performing donuts and passing under a car that was bouncing via hydraulics. Other stunts included swerving between two moving excavators, performing donuts around a moving go-kart, and swerving around a motorbike with inch-perfect precision.

The comments section was filled with fans talking about their favourite feats performed by Ken Block, while also praising the creator for the tribute, the stunts, and the camerawork.

"The Gymkhana 7 video is my favorite of anything he’s done – so much so that I used to listen to it at the gym because the sound – especially the opening sequence – pumped me up so much, said one comment. "Beautiful tribute."

Another said it was a "very well done edit. love all the small details picked from the different Gymkhanas like the white Audi E Tron and the pick up trucks also the most memorable moments of all of them".

There were also a few comments written by those who didn't know who Ken Block was, but watching the tribute video pushed them to check out his stunt showcases.

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