GTA 6 to be set in ‘Vice City and Caribbean’ as leakers release map jigsaw piece

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be set in Vice City and the Caribbean islands, it has been claimed.

Fans of the massively popular game series are going wild over a leaked map said to be of the hotly anticipated video game.

It's the latest in a series of four jigsaw images that purportedly show landmasses that will be accessible in the latest GTA installment.

A fourth partial map was released by anonymous leakers on 4chan on Sunday and reveals one large city and a number of smaller islands, reports.

The gaming site commented: "Some of the biggest leaks have come from anonymous leakers on 4chan, but plenty of bollocks also regularly comes from the website as well. That said, if these are fakes, they are impressive fakes."

Ahead of the leak, GTA 6 NEWS & LEAKS tweeted: "Coming soon. New upcoming video regarding new updated leaked map. Here is the thumbnail cover. Stay tuned for more info & content. I will explain about the map and islands thoroughly. #GTA6#YouTube "

After it dropped, it added: "A Vice City map leak for #GTA6 has resurfaced with a new screenshot showing off different locations."

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GTA6 fan DespairWaffle tweeted: "New GTA6 map looks insane!!!"

And @xjoeyzzz said: "Mrboss incoming"

Others responded with strings of emojis. @KendrickG117 posted a laughing crying face, praying hands, a smiley face, and clapping.

The images can be seen here: the first and second were released in early 2020; the third later in the year and the fourth on Sunday, according to

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Other leakers reportedly claimed the game's central location is Vice City, the series fictional take on Miami in the US.

The leaked map appears to back theories that the game will feature various Caribbean islands.

Other theories have claimed the central location is South America and the map is going to feature multiple American cities.

Rockstar Games has not commented on speculation over the hotly anticipated game.

It comes after its Edinburgh-based offices Rockstar North announced it was looking for a professional gamer to test out new games and provide feedback.

The post appears to be filled according to the studio's website.

Recent reports have claimed it could be considering multiple cities for the next installment sending fans into meltdown, reports Independent.

Rockstar says GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 have been its "immediate focus" following the release of GTA V in 2013.

But earlier this month Rockstar Games posted an ad for testers to work full time in their Edinburgh office, in a move that is likely to fuel rumours even more.

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