GTA 6 release date: Bad Grand Theft Auto news for PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Series X

GTA 6 release date news today features an insight for PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Series X fans into how work on the next Grand Theft Auto game is coming along. Grand Theft fans who had been hoping Rockstar Games have a next-gen release in the works received some news recently, but it’s not exactly what they were hoping for. At the PS5 reveal event it was announced GTA 5 – which has been released for the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox 360 – is getting a fresh release in 2021

GTA 5 is getting an enhanced and expanded version which will be arriving in the second half of next year on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

And in the aftermath of this news emerging a former Rockstar Games producer discussed why GTA 5 could be getting a re-release next.

As revealed in a post on, Darion Lowenstein talked about the possible reasons for this decision.

Lowenstein said: “Because I used to produce games for Rockstar, tonnes of people are asking me why, at the PlayStation 5 event, did we get an announcement of an updated GTA 5, and not GTA 6.


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“Honestly, from a development standpoint, there are a couple of good reasons. I’ve made a lot of games for new consoles, it’s really hard. Tech is constantly changing, and it’s really hard to make a AAA game at launch.”

He went on to add: “Second, like I said before, the constantly updating a pre-existing game, making it prettier, is way cheaper, way easier than an all-new one.

“So, if I had to guess, GTA 6 just isn’t ready, and GTA 5 will provide a lot of income, and an experience everyone already knows and loves, within a year of the PS5 launching.”

While it’s unlikely Lowenstein has inside information about GTA 6, given his track record he’s in a strong position to comment.

And the comments that GTA 6 in all likelihood “just isn’t ready” yet will surely come as a blow to fans hoping for a release date soon.

If GTA 6 isn’t likely to come out in 2021, then a release in 2022 or beyond could all but rule out a cross-gen release.

Which means – as the rumour mill has suggested – GTA 6 might skip the PS4 and Xbox One and only be for the next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

In other GTA 6 news, a Rockstar Games employee’s resume may have hinted as to how long work has been going on on the project.

As reported on in a post by Screenrant, an online CV for an animator at Rockstar Games may have revealed development on GTA 6 has been going on since 2018.

The Rockstar employee said since December 2018 they have been working as a gameplay and weapons animator for Red Dead Online and a TBA (i.e to be announced) title.

It is possible that work on GTA 6 had been going well before that, and the animator only started their work on the project since December 2018.

But if development on GTA 6 did only begin in 2018 then it could mean we’re still quite a way off from a release date.

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