Gorogoa: Chapter Five Walkthrough

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Gorogoa's fifth chapter strikes a fun balance of familiar game mechanics with clever subversion of expectations. Atop a tall tower lies the final fruit needed to defeat the mysterious creature terrorizing a young boy's town. To reach this tower, you'll need to navigate magical train maps, size-changing doors, and more to make it to the end of your journey.

At the end of the last chapter, you will zoom out of the blue illustration revealing a now smashed china plate. After zooming out one more time, you will see that the smashed plate is a thought bubble of an older man waiting at a train station. Your panels will look something like this:

To get the boy to the first train station, click the left button in the train station panel, and place the station entrance over the boy in the archway. From there, you can pan right and follow the boy to the subway platform. Now you are ready to embark on your next trip!

How To Get On The Train

Chapter five of Gorogoa starts with a train ride that leads to a tower holding the fifth fruit. Therefore, before you can focus on anything else, you need to get on the train. To do that, you're going to need some change to cover the cost. So, let's start there.

First, zoom out from the panel with the book spine. When you do so, instead of arriving back at the young man's home, you will enter the home of an old gentleman. Then, a scene will commence. At the end of the scene, zoom out one more time to reveal a view of the gentleman's face inside a yellow-tinted window.

Next, you'll have to zoom out of the watering pail panel and back to the middle-aged man's house. Then, pan right and click on the calendar hanging from the wall. The top page of the calendar illustrates a skeleton wearing multiple rings. Click on the single ring near the center of the page. Once you have zoomed in far enough, place the panel with the ring over the old gentleman's face. Now get your wallet out cause you just made a coin! (not literally, the boy has no wallet.)

You may be wondering, "When is this darn train going to come in?" There are a few actions you need to perform before it arrives. First, a sign displays all the train routes available from the train platform. Next, click on the sign, and then click on the symbol for the purple train station. After removing a layer from the station symbol, the underlying panel will reveal the purple train station. At this point, you can zoom out from the train-route sign and return to the original train platform. After doing so, the train will pull into the station.

Paying for your train ride is straightforward. Near the stairway of the train, there is a coin meter. Zoom into the coin meter and place your coin over the meter slot. Then, the boy will enter the train. Now stand clear of the closing doors and enjoy your ride!

How To Get To The Purple Train Station

You will need to adjust your journey to get to the purple train station. Otherwise, you will get stuck in a loop, literally. After the train leaves the station, a piece of paper will fly away from one of the awning poles, revealing something underneath. If you zoom in closer, you'll discover an interactive map that depicts the path to the purple station. Unfortunately, at this moment, your train is running in a circle in the upper-left corner of the map. So, how do you make the necessary track changes to proceed?

While most people would advise you to focus on the journey, the answer to this brain-teaser lies at the destination. So first, zoom out from the sign in the purple station, and move towards the wall past the platform. Then, pan left until you reach a green lattice. Surprise! The lattice connects to a part of the train map!

These two panels will redirect the train out of its loop and towards the purple train station. Keep the map of train tracks in mind as we move forward. They are vital to solving the rest of the puzzles in this chapter.

How To Get Through The Tiny Door

At this point in the chapter, the only thing separating you from the fifth-fruit tower is this long, cumbersome wall. Furthermore, the only way to pass through the wall is a door so small it looks like it belongs in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Seriously, what gives?

First, you need to return your attention to the train map. Near the yellow tracks at the bottom, there is a building with a symbol of two hands cutting string. Zoom into that portion of the map and place it on one of the left panels. Then make sure the panel with the boy connects to the right.

Now, check the boy's panel. There should be a thought bubble above him pondering the wall. If you remove a layer from that panel, you'll discover that the thought bubble is part of a large quilt. It will look like the quilt below.

Zoom into the quilt square with the hand pointing left. Then, place the boy's thought bubble back over the quilt. This subtle form of mind control will encourage the boy to walk to the left panel with the scissor mural.

After the boy walks to the scissor mural, you'll want to place the current panel to the right. Then, zoom into the tiny door and place that panel on the left. The panels will look like this.

Now you can direct your attention to the boy's new thought bubble, which appears to have scissors in it. Zoom into the thought bubble and remove a layer, as you did with the last thought bubble. In this case, you will uncover a scattering of notes and papers.

From this point, zoom into the finger that is pointing left. Then place the thought bubble frame above the pointing finger. After zooming out from the thought bubble, the boy will walk to the left panel and trek through the tiny door.

How To Get The Fifth Fruit

After the boy walks through the tiny door, zoom out and click on the window above the door to follow him to the other side of the wall. At this point, you'll discover that now the boy is very tiny.

The key out of this 'Honey I Shrunk The Kids!' situation is to utilize ladders. First, you need to get the young boy to climb up the ladder in front of him. When you first approach it, he will think about a diagram of planets. Next, zoom in to this thought bubble and remove a layer.

Unlike the past couple of thought bubbles, this diagram is part of a larger picture that changes with perspective. Therefore, you'll need to place this panel in the screen's lower right-hand corner. Fortunately, doing so will expose a drawing of someone pointing up. Next, place the thought bubble frame over the person pointing up and then zoom out. Then, the boy will climb up the red ladder.

As the boy climbs up the red ladder, he will leave the frame. Press the up button on the panel to follow him up the ladder. Unfortunately, the red ladder does not continue any further. In this instance, your only way to proceed is down. Zoom out from the scissor mural back to the train map, and zoom into the section where the red and yellow tracks meet. Then, place this panel under the boy's panel to get him down the ladder.

There's still more ladder to go from this point. First, you need to click the down button on the top panel of the ladder and then zoom out. Next, there is a yellow ladder to the right. Click on the yellow ladder to zoom in. Then, place the yellow ladder under the red and yellow ladder, like so:

After the boy finishes descending the ladder, he will be the right size to walk into the tower. All you need to do is zoom out of the panel so the boy can walk over to the tower entrance. Then, click the up button to follow the boy to the top of the tower. Now you have all five fruits you need to defeat the mysterious creature!

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