God Of War Ragnarok, Unleashing Hel Walkthrough

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God of War Ragnarok's story is told from multiple perspectives. Throughout the game, we have been taking control of Atreus, who has been engaging in his own adventure of sorts. The Unleashing Hel chapter is an end of sorts to one of Atreus' most substantial arcs. In it, Atreus will be accompanied by Thrud as he ventures through the always-unsettling realm of Helheim.

This chapter features a lot of two things: perspective-based puzzles and combat. As is typical for the Atreus chapters, you will find that there are fewer treasures to be found, and the path is generally more linear. However, we will, nonetheless, guide you to all the treasures that are present while also providing answers for all the puzzles.

Unleashing Hel

There are some optional bits of dialogue at the beginning of this chapter. You can eavesdrop on Thrud and her mother arguing, and if you go upstairs you will be antagonized by Heimdall.

This chapter will begin with you talking to Odin in his study. Soon after conversing with the allfather, you will be spirited away with Thrud to Helheim. Head down the main path, and you will find a chest on your right. Immediately afterward you are going to stumble into a squadron of Hel-Walkers. After you take these guys out, grab the coin sack from the nearby dead soldier.

Travel a tiny bit further down the path, and you will fight another group of Hel-Walkers. This group will have a few troops with shields as well as a few Nightmares accompanying them. As per usual, when dealing with shielded units take the legs out. Now, turn the wheel to the left of the gate and progress.

Thrud is a powerful warrior. She will often launch opponents upward, giving Atreus an opportunity to combo them with his arrows midair.

Docks Of Vadgelmir

Once you open the gate, and enter the docks, you will be funneled down a dock. The path will end at a sealed gate. Take your mask out when you reach the gate at the end; that should trigger the next exchange with Thrud. Backtrack to the docks and Hel-Walkers will hop down from the area above. Take them out, then have Thrud push the nearby giant block. You will now be able to climb up. Once you have climbed over the ledge, take a left. There is a Legendary Treasure Chest tucked away here.

Run to the other side of this area. You will enter into an area with a few gates that just need to be destroyed with your sonic arrows. You will now be able to shoot the chain holding a large block, dropping it. Backtrack to where you pull out the mask and climb up the block. You will now fight a bunch of Hel-Walkers and a Revenant.

Thankfully, since the Revenant is unable to dodge arrows, they aren't nearly as much of a pain in the butt for Atreus. Once you beat them, look for a metal grate with a barrel on it. Use your sonic arrows to destroy both and then jump down. There is a red chest waiting for your down below.

You will now be ambushed by a bunch of Nightmares and Legion Troops. Once you clear them out, look for a chest hidden behind the nearby boxes. There is also a pouch of coins in the back corner. After you finish collecting the goodies, climb the stair and take your mask out. Thrud will hold the doors open; shoot the chain holding up a box in the distance.

Now head back down and around. Climb up the box, and you will battle some pretty touch Hel-Walkers in a small room. Keep your distance with the beefy one holding the giant axe. After a few waves of Hel-Walkers, some projectile-throwing Hel-Walkers will appear up above. Take them out once they appear so that you don't have to worry about them shooting you in the back. Once you have cleared out all the enemies, turn the wheel and enter into the next area. There is a destructible floor grate in the back corner. Once you destroy it, jump down into the area below.

There is a chest in the back corner. Now, travel to the giant crate blocking the doorway. Pull out your mask and this will trigger Thrud, who will push the block, but it is held back by a chain. Circle around and shoot the chain while she pushes. Now, in the next room, shoot the grate in the ceiling, hop up, hook around, and grab the red chest.

Now, go to the giant stone gate. Thrud will push it open, while she does shoot the chain that is in the top right corner of this room. Once you do, the gate will open. Now, head toward the nearby bridge. You will fight a bunch of shielded Hel-Walkers. Just sweep the leg, Over and over again.

After you clear them out, there will be a treasure chest waiting in the next room. Now, take out your mask and wear it while you are near the unobstructed, sealed gate. This will cause Thrud to clear the giant crate of debris. Now, hop up above. On the left, there is a coin purse. From here, there is a Legendary Chest waiting for you at the end of a dock. From the dock, you will be able to see a giant chain in the distance. Shoot the chain in order to open up the way.

Gnipahellir Landing

Now, as you travel back to Thrud you will be ambushed by two Reavers. You won't have Thrud's help here. Just keep your distance, and pop them with arrows. Use Ingrid to distract them. The only thing that you are going to have to deal with is their projectile attacks, but those are easy enough to parry. Once you take care of them, go back to Thrud. Now, you will have opened up the path to the next section. Go through the doorway, jump down, and open the chest. You will now be at Gnipahellir Landing. Now, follow the main path, and you will free a giant dog. Just interact with the tethers holding their chains. From here, you are going to view a few cutscenes.

Now, you will be back in the cellar of Odin's study. You will now be able to head back to your room. You will have the option to listen into a conversation Thor and Sif are having with each other. Enter your room, and then open the door for Odin. Another cutscene will play, and you will be back at your home in Midgard. You will need to kill another group of Hel-Walkers. Now, take the gate to travel to Sindri's place. You will now fight even more Hel-Walkers. Just clear the Walkers out and when Freya asks for help her seal the gate, go help her. You will then transition into a cutscene and switch characters.

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