God Of War Ragnarok Player Manages To Kill Beserker King Hrolf In 25 Seconds

One skilled God of War Ragnarok player has already managed to beat Berserker King Hrolf Kraki in 25 seconds on Give Me No Mercy difficulty, all thanks to a clever mix of runic attacks, parries, a specific armour set, and an overwhelming number of status effects.

Like 2018's God of War before it, Ragnarok has a special set of post-game battles for players to seek out if they're looking for an extra challenge. While the last game had the Valkyries for Kratos and Atreus to defeat, Ragnarok instead has 12 Berserkers for the player to find and fight, each with their own unique fighting style.

The head honcho of the Berserkers is King Hrolf Kraki, and he's meant to act as the hardest Berserker in the game (although some would say that he's actually the third-hardest battle). With a power level of 9, on paper, he's the hardest challenge that Ragnarok has to throw at you, and something you'll need all of your armour and weapons powered up for to even stand a chance against.

With such a massive challenge comes the inevitable crushing realisation that some players are already managing to beat it in way under a minute. Redditor NobleRez did just that, managing to take Hrolf Kraki out in 25 seconds without even breaking a sweat, showcasing his triumph in a video on the God of War subreddit.

In the video clip, NobleRez can be seen starting the fight with a counter, before unleashing all of the heavy Runic Attacks on each weapon, slowly gathering more and more status effects as he does. Hrolf Kraki can barely even react before Kratos uses a Realm Shift to completely stun him and take away all but a tiny bit of his health bar, before using shield bashes to quickly restore the Runic Attacks for one last barrage.

After defeating the king, NobleRez shared their setup for the fight, so if you're struggling to take on any of the Beserkers, it might be best taking some lessons from them.

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