God Of War Ragnarok Music Producer Says She Wasn’t Credited After Not Hitting "Minimum Criteria"

Jessica Mao, a music producer who worked at Sony Santa Monica during God of War Ragnarok's development, has revealed that she wasn't credited for her work on the game, which included arrangement, implementation, and editing for two key scenes early in the game.

In a Twitter thread sharing her work, Mao revealed that she worked on the editing, implementation, and arrangement of the music for the scene right at the beginning of the game where Freya chases Kratos and Atreus, as well as the scene a bit later where Thor and Kratos fight. Mao detailed her work, highlighting several stems she made for both scenes.

Although the thread starts as a celebration of what she added to Ragnarok, Mao sadly reveals that she wasn't credited at all for her work on the game. Mao said, "Unfortunately, my name is not in the credits, and apparently it can't be added in a patch update. I was told that to be credited, my contribution to the game must hit some "minimum criteria," hence my tweet from Monday. Still not sure what this criteria could be…"

Mao continued, pleading with developers to make sure that they credit everyone who has worked on a game, no matter what it was, "this was incredibly disappointing and discouraging for me to learn, and I'd hate for anyone else to go through it. Game devs, please credit EVERYONE who participates in the development of a game. It only makes sense".

The claim that credits can't be added in a patch or update is untrue as, just the other day, the credits for Pac-Man World: Re-Pac were updated to make sure that the original creators were included and recognised for their work on the game. That update did take three months since the initial issue was raised with Bandai Namco, but it does prove that it can be done, which makes it likely that Sony isn't adding Mao's name to the game's credits due to the "minimum criteria" that she references in her tweets.

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