God Of War Ragnarok Isn’t Getting Its Own Making-Of Documentary Like Raising Kratos

God of War Ragnarok is a Game of the Year contender at The Game Awards and many PS4 and PS5 owners have been playing it, talking about it, and reading about it. Some might even want to know more about how it was made: the hundreds of decisions and designs that went into making one of Sony's biggest first-party titles. But on this there is some bad news.

There is no making-of documentary in the works for God of War Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studio has said. Fans might remember that 2018's God of War led to a full-length feature documentary. Released in 2019, God of War – Raising Kratos was nearly two hours long and documented the five-year process in creating the PS4 game.

In it game director Cory Barlog revealed the risks, challenges, and doubts that went into making God of War. But for Ragnarok there won't be a similar feature documentary. Instead fans are getting a more manageable weekly series delving into the production process that those most eager to learn more can be sure to tune into every week.

The weekly development diaries explore the development for God of War Ragnarok. "We've put a lot of love and effort into our BTS [behind-the-scenes] series, which releases every Tues, that is our look into development for GoWR," Santa Monica Studio tweeted in response to a rumour that the game was getting a documentary like Raising Kratos.

The most recent entry in the series was a dive into the voice acting for Ragnarok, which focused on how Christopher Judge, as well as a "selection of international voice actors", developed Kratos as a character for the sequel. It was episode five in the series. Previous episodes have explored character designs, the enemy and combat development, the story crafting, and how the slew of accessibility options were implemented. The full list of episodes can be found under the 'God of War Ragnarok – Behind the Scenes' tab on the official PlayStation YouTube channel here.

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