God Of War Ragnarok: All Main Characters And Their Actors

It's always curious to discover the faces behind the voices, isn't it? One of the highlights of the God of War series is the amazing cast behind it, and Ragnarok features extremely talented actors, both from the returning ones and the new characters who nailed their first appearance right off the bat. From the Gods, Aesir, and Vanir alike, to the Giants and Dwarves, that are a lot of people to talk about here.

Just to make sure you weren't imagining things when you heard a familiar voice while playing the game, let's see who's who in this game, along with other works these people have done in their careers.

16/16 Christopher Judge As Kratos

Though he's not the original voice actor for Kratos, he's the one who's been with us ever since the Norse Saga started. He does an amazing job as Kratos, and is particularly fitting for this older and calmer version of the character.

Outside of God of War, he's most famous for his role as Teal'c on Stargate SG-1. He's also the voice for Black Panther in the recent Avengers game.

15/16 Sunny Suljic As Atreus/Loki

Known for Mid90s and The Killing of A Sacred Deer, Atreus is the role that has put Sunny in the spotlight. Not only was his breakout role in a series as big as God of War, but his role is a major one, with the games even focusing more on him as he grows up than Kratos himself.

Seeing the way he grew into the role between the 2018 version and Ragnarok is just amazing.

14/16 Alastair Duncan As Mimir

The smartest head alive is one of the best companions we've had in a long time, and his relationship with Kratos is one of the many peaks the game has. Alistair does a masterful job of playing someone that is both intelligent and comedic, without ever losing his character in the process.

He's not a newcomer when it comes to video games, being in games such as Shadows of Mordor, Call of Duty, and Star Wars: The Old Republic, among others.

13/16 Danielle Bisutti As Freya

Our favorite Goddess who's been through a lot, is brilliantly portrayed by Danielle Bisutti. Her change from being a caring mother figure to being fueled with rage, and then overcoming such feelings, shows how powerful of an actor she can truly be.

She doesn't have a lot of games in her portfolio, but she's famous for the TV series True Jackson, VP.

12/16 Deborah Ann Woll As Laufey/Faye

Matt Murdock just found himself some serious competition. Daredevil's Karen Page decided to travel to the Nine Realms and fight against the Aesir Gods in the name of her people.

Sadly, she doesn't appear a lot, considering that the character has been dead for a while, but her sequences with Kratos, showing how the couple used to interact together, are just heartwarming.

11/16 Robert Craighead As Brok, And Adam J. Harrington As Sindri

The dynamic duo of the smithing world, once departed due to their differences, now shine as a team once more. Their actors are amazing fits for both characters, and the fact they do more on their roles this time around is a delight for everyone, us included.

Robert is a country singer and also starred in Future Man, Ruthless, and Too Close To Home As for Adam, he's known for being Roy Earle in L.A. Noire, Agent Brenner in Bosch, and Gamble in Turn: Washington's Spies.

10/16 Richard Schiff As Odin

Encouraged to take the role by his son, Richard isn't well-known for video game roles. Still, his first time among games was already a knockout, as Odin is both threatening and deceitful, being a worthy final boss for this Saga.

The All-Father also showed how far he's willing to go for his goal in the most twisted ways possible, but no spoilers here. Richard is also known for his roles in The Good Doctor, The West Wing, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

9/16 Ryan Hurst As Thor

From The Walking Dead and The Mysterious Benedict Society to Sons of Anarchy, Ryan is here to show his ferocity as the behemoth of Norse Mythology, the God of Thunder himself.

Not only has he succeeded, but he also gave us a very human interpretation of Thor; heartbreaking as well as intimidating, he battled with lots of family problems throughout the game.

8/16 Laya DeLeon Hayes As Angrboda

Representing the Giants and also being a love interest for Atreus, we have Angrboda. Despite her cheerful nature, her solitude, her fear of being left behind, and her grandma's issues made her another multifaceted character in Ragnarok.

She was portrayed by Laya, who's currently starring in The Equalizer, but also appeared in various children's shows like Doc McStuffins, Just Add Magic, and Raven's Home. She also plays Rell in League of Legends.

7/16 Mina Sundwall As Thrúd

Known for Legends of Tomorrow and the Netflix series Lost In Space, Mina portrayed the girl who wants to be a Valkyrie, Thrúd.

She is charismatic and the way she and Sunny go back and forth with their characters is amazing. Thrúd's dynamic with her father is sad, but also beautiful, considering how much they care for each other. The biggest problem here is that she didn't appear much.

6/16 Emily Rose As Lady Sif

From one Sony exclusive to the other, Emily is responsible for portraying Elena Fisher from the Uncharted Series. She also previously starred in Haven and Graceland.

Here, she gets to show off her range, due to her tumultuous relationship with Thor, Thrúd, and even Loki, who is partially responsible for what happened to Magni and Modi.

5/16 Ben Prendergast As Týr

The peaceful God of War and responsible for many of the trials we had to endure in the previous game is finally here, towering over us.

Prendergast isn't a newcomer to the video game industry, being Fuse from Apex Legends and Patroclus in Hades, and also taking small roles in games such as Call of Duty and Horizon: Forbidden West.

4/16 Scott Porter As Heimdall

We all hate Heimdall, but his actor, Scott Porter, has tons of experience working on games already – especially superheroes.

Damian Wayne in Injustice 2, Star-Lord in the Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy series, and multiple voices on things such as Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite, he's also going to be the Winter Soldier in the Avengers video game. If you've played a superhero game, chances are Porter was in it somewhere.

3/16 SungWon Cho As Ratatoskr

You may have seen this guy before online. He's very famous on Youtube, after all.

You may also know him as ProZD. He's a lot more than a good voice though. He's done quite a lot of voice work in things like Ranking of Kings, Neon White, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Borderlands 3, Yakuza 7, and Vinland Saga. Having him in God of War is just a delight for us all.

2/16 Brett Dalton As Freyr

You may remember him as Michael, the ultimate good guy from Until Dawn, or Jason Pelham in Chicago Fire. Or maybe as one of the most despicable people ever in Agents of SHIELD.

Luckily, he's much more of a nice guy here. Though his role is not as big, his charming presence blesses us all.

1/16 Additional Roles

Though these are all minor characters, they're still well written, helping other characters develop as well, and their mere presence is already powerful, likely due to the amazing casting that revolved around them. From the image above, they're respectively:

  • Bear McCreary
    as Raeb (
    who's also the game's composer

  • Milana Vayntrub
    as Lúnda

  • Usman Ally
    as Durlin

  • James Mathis III
    as Hildisvíni

  • Chris Browning
    as Surtr

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