God Of War Mod Makes Kratos Crack Dad Jokes

God of War's Kratos isn’t exactly the best dad. Sure, he’s willing to go to the ends of the universe to protect the ones he loves, but he’s gruff, brooding, and intolerant of a child’s mistakes. But the true measure of a father is their ability to crack dad jokes, and that’s where Kratos is a dismal failure.

But not anymore! Modder Mophead has just unveiled the God of Dad Jokes mod to make Kratos into the true father he was always meant to be.

The mod is very simple and just adds two voice lines early in the game. First is when Atreus apologizes for missing the stag, to which Kratos replies in the only appropriate fashion. Second is when Atreus and Kratos visit the Witch in the Woods. The Witch asks Kratos to head outside to pick up a few sprigs of Lamb’s Cress–a task for which Kratos thinks he’s overqualified.

Installation is simple: just unzip the mod files in the God of War directory. Uninstalling the mid will require you to make a backup or just download the “uninstall” file from Mophead’s mod page and follow the same process.

And just in case you were wondering, yes, those lines are actually being delivered by Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge. They're sampled from non-game sources, which is why there are only two altered lines. Also, Mophead explains in the mod's description that modifying God of War's audio files is a real pain, so more extensive modding would likely be beyond his scope.

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