Gilmore Girls Modded Into Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Mods are really something, aren’t they? They sometimes visually enhance older games to look better, they sometimes change perspectives to give players a more ‘immersive’ experience, they also enable you to customize features that the original game wouldn’t allow you to. But most importantly, they allow Macho Man Randy Savage to replace the dragons in Skyrim.

Of course, like the third one suggests, most modders do their thing purely for the fun of it. Another recent example of mods we didn’t know we needed is the Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls Edition by Marlow Dobbe, artist of Dicey Dungeons. While mods have added various pop-culture characters into games where they don’t belong, adding the Gilmore Girls into Fire Emblem is more than a mere visual mod.

“In this 1-hour FE8 mod, play as that cast of characters we know and love from everyone’s favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls!” says Dobbe on the official page for the mod. Dobbe created the mod as a Christmas present for her boyfriend, who apparently watched the entire show with her over the last year.

As the description suggests, the mod is essentially a small snippet of the game revamped to include Lorelai, Rory, Kirk and Luke as they make their way through Stars Hollow. You’ll also come across location’s from the show, like Luke’s Diner and Doose’s Market.

Fire Emblem: Gilmore Girls Edition contains four custom maps made by Dobbe, custom dialogue you’d expect to hear from the characters (including Rory going on about Harvard), and “depictions of a normal mother-daughter relationship.”

Fire Emblem Heroes indeed made it a happy holiday season for players with numerous additions and updates to the game. The banner, “A Festive Miracle,” released on December 17 and got characters like Bernadetta, Hilda, Felix, Sephiran, and Altina into the Christmas spirit by donning seasonal attire. Players received a Christmas Day gift with the arrival of Lilina to the game. She was last seen in the Game Boy Advance release, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Fire Emblem Heroes then added The New Year: ω Special Heroes Summoning Focus, featuring special units like Plumeria, Velouria, Kaden, Peony, Alfonse, Anna, Lethe, Selkie, and Plumeria. And lastly, the game will receive classic characters, Ronan, Asbel, Miranda, and Sara from the Super Famicom’s Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.

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