Ghostrunner: All Artifacts Guide – Part 2

We’re half way up the Dharma Tower on our quest to collect all the artifacts in Ghostrunner. By this point you’ve gotten fully accustomed to your movement capabilities and picked up some new skills and abilities, and the game knows it. These remaining levels will be even more challenging than any that came before, and that includes how well hidden these last artifacts are. If you’re ready, grab your sword and let’s finish picking up the remaining artifacts.

All Artifacts Guide – Part 2

This second half of the guide will cover the remaining 17 artifacts in the game, from levels eight through 15. Remember that you need to finish each level in order for the artifacts to count, so make sure not to quit out early if you’re going back trying to clean up some you missed.

Artifact Nineteen

We’ll start off in level nine right after you first use the jump boost ability. Go to where you see the second jump boost ability, but instead of jumping toward it, turn around and wall-run to a hidden area behind you with another jump boost pickup. Use it to leap up the building to your right and get the first artifact.

Artifact Twenty

Continue forward from the last position around the gated fence, but stop before getting on the zip-line. Wall run on the blue and green screen to the left, through a little shanty area, and grab the collectible on the other side of the fence.

Artifact Twenty One

When you go down into the subway, before heading up the stairs to the exit, go to the left where you can grapple over to zip-line. Ride it over to a little patio with a grill and head inside to snag this artifact.

Artifact Twenty Two

Once you ride a series of drones and kill a single enemy as you land, hack a billboard so you can use it in a series of wall-runs to get across to another rooftop. Stop here, hack he billboard again, and use it to reach the collectible on the roof behind you.

Artifact Twenty Three

Deep into level ten, you will need to wall run after a series of zip-lines. Turn around here and jump onto a pipe on the right of the room leading to a pink billboard you can wall-run on. You’ll need to run across, jump and do a 180 so you can wall run back and up above to the collectible.

Artifact Twenty Four

After your first encounter with the sniper enemy type, as soon as you’ve killed them look to the right corner of the area. You will find a set of dumpsters you can hop over to find this hidden artifact.

Artifact Twenty Five

Finishing off level ten, after some more billboard moving and platforming you will reach an area with another jump boost pickup. Instead of using it to jump over to the next roof, turn around and jump up to a higher level in the center of the building you’re in, marked by a blue light.

Artifact Twenty Six

The only one to find in level eleven is in the first rail car you go into after killing a series of enemies. Just look to your left between the containers to pick it up before moving on.

Artifact Twenty Seven

We skip ahead to level 13 now. When you get the point where you need to zip-line across and slide down a blue vent. Wall run around the following room to the right, getting higher up, until you can jump across to the collectible on the red pipes

Artifact Twenty Eight

After taking out a few turrets, wall run ahead to a wall with the graffiti “Don’t Be Fool!” Turn around and look up to spot a grapple point that will bring you right to this artifact.

Artifact Twenty Nine

In the area where you need to take down two brawler enemies, use the zip-line and go straight ahead toward the second zip-line, but fall down rather than jump on to it. You should land right on top of the collectible.

Artifact Thirty

In level 14 you will go through an area where you need to repeatedly hit a switch to open and close a door. Run through the bright red hallway and, before grappling up to progress, slide off the front of the platform and dash to a secret platform underneath it with this artifact.

Artifact Thirty One

In the area with the electrified walls, you will grapple up to a billboard you need to run on. Once you do, just turn around and run back across to the opposite side and scoop up the collectible before going forward.

Artifact Thirty Two

After a mad dash away from some explosions you will slide under some big pipes and ride two ziplines. Just take a right after this to pick up this easy artifact.

Artifact Thirty Three

All the remaining artifacts are here in level 15, starting at the room where you enter facing a bunch of big blue containers and a grapple point dead ahead. Grapple up, then turn around and jump up to a zip-line leading to a platform above where you entered with the artifact.

Artifact Thirty Four

After dispatching some machine-gun wielding foes, you will enter a massive room with a wall you can run on to the right leading to a zip-line heading left. Once you land, go back across the same zip-line the opposite way, jump to a second zip-line, and wall run across several screens up to a secret platform with the collectible.

Artifact Thirty Five

Finally, our final artifact is in a room with blue electrical lines along the wall where you need to use several jump boosts to scale a tower. When you use the second jump boost, go towards the shuriken, but go to the level above it. Use a hidden jump boost here to go towards the other structure to the right. Make sure you land on the upper floor, follow the path along to the right, use one final jump boost to reach the top, and picking up the final artifact.

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